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Post Doctoral

Postdoctoral Salary Change Information and Process

For departments employing Postdoctoral Fellows in Job Code 1438



Postdoctoral Fellows/Trainees are to be considered for salary increases, at least on an annual basis, as are other employee classifications. In normal budget years, it is expected that a salary increase is to be awarded, commensurate with percentages given other faculty or professional exempt classifications in that year.  It is also encouraged, but not required, that salary levels be based on years of experience, following the NIH stipend model.

   Current NIH scale:   UCD Postdoctoral Stipend-Salary at Initial Hire.pdf

The reason for an increase or decrease is part of the rationale for approval and data gathering for the institution, especially if it is an "off-cycle" action.  Therefore the Postdoctoral Fellow Annual Performance Rating Sheet asks for an identification of the reason or reasons for the salary recommendation. 

Salary increases mandated by the supporting sponsor of the fund must be followed per signed agreements. 

Process for annual increases

See steps 1-9 under “Annual evaluations are required" at Handling Annual Evalutions 

Process for off-cycle increases

Off-cycle pay increases (or decreases) require the use of an addendum to the original or current Letter of Offer. The addendum and any accompanying documents must be submitted to the PDO.  Departmentally-signed documents should be submitted electronically via scanned email attachments to the PDO at  

Salary changes must be future dated.  Salary changes are entered on the Dean's Postdoc Action report cycle for the effective date that the increase (or decrease) should start.  PDO Submission Deadlines 2015.pdf

Use:  ADDENDUM to the letter of offer (template)

Include cover page:  POSTDOC EMPLOYMENT ACTION PAGE.dotx

Acceptable reasons for salary change

  • Addition to job duties or areas of responsibility (i.e. supervision, budget management, etc.)  Must also submit two job descriptions:  current and revised   
  • Funding sponsor mandated change
  • Meeting new experience level (typically at anniversary of hire date)
  • Equity increase toward experience level
  • Funding source[es] decreased (provide documentation)
  • Other:  Provide clear explanation and documentation as requested by the PDO


At any point in this process, please contact the Postdoctoral Office Coordinator, Valerie Saltou, with any questions: 303-724-2930 or