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Post Doctoral

Making Changes in the Position or Employment Status

For departments employing Postdoctoral Fellows in Job Code 1438

Note:   Employment actions must be future-dated.  At minimum, paperwork needs to meet deadlines for the Dean's Postdoc Action Report cycle that precedes the start date.  Minimum lead time is two weeks or better.    PDO Submission Deadlines 2015.pdf  

Position Data:  Approval by Department

Changes in position data in HRMS are completed by the department in preparation for a change to job data.  Position data is approved within the department.

  Funding Distribution:

      • The employing unit is responsible for setting funding distribution within HRMS.
      • Only funding involved with an initial hire, changes due to transfers, or an increase or decrease in pay, need to be included in the documentation sent to and approved by the PDO.  
      • Units must comply with the policies of the funding agency supporting the position. 

Job Data:  Approval by Postdoctoral Office

Changes for the following reasons require the use of an addendum letter or some formal means of written communication giving notice.  It means a change to the original (or current) letter of offer.  These items are either put on the Dean's Postdoc Action Report and/or require signatures showing agreement, and/or need to be documented and put on file.  Check with the PDO on what is acceptable. 

         Use the ADDENDUM to the letter of offer (template)

         Include the cover page:  POSTDOC EMPLOYMENT ACTION PAGE.dotx

         Submit departmentally-signed paperwork to the PDO electronically, via email attachment to: 


  • Changing the start date of appointment   
  • Off-cycle pay increases (not part of spring evaluation cycle) or decreases. Acceptable Reasons:
      • Addition to job duties or areas of responsibility (i.e. supervision, budget management, etc.)         **Must also submit two job descriptions:  current and revised  
      • Funding sponsor mandated change
      • Meeting new experience level (typically at anniversary of hire date)
      • Equity increase toward experience level 
      • Funding source[es] decreased (provide documentation)
      • Other:  Provide clear explanation & documentation as requested by the PDO
  • FTE or percent time change
      1. Appointments for Postdoctoral Fellows/Trainees are to be at 1.0 FTE or 100% time.  Any deviations from that are considered an exception and must have a "Petition for Exception" approved before any action to reduce FTE can be taken.  Contact the PDO to discuss as only certain conditions are worthy of consideration.  (Is there another position that will complete the 1.0 FTE?  Is this a request by the postdoc?)  
      2. No appointments will be approved for less than 50% or .5 FTE as that makes the Fellow ineligible for benefits.  
  • Terminations by hiring unit are "For Cause", due to lack of funding, poor performance, or anything other than resignation by employee.  These must be placed on the Personnel Action Report.  A letter of notice of termination must be sent to and approved by HR's Doug Kasyon, cc'd to the PDO, and issued no later than 30 days before termination.  See Terminations/Separations page
  • Any other significant change

Changes for these items require use of HRMS job notes, and an email to the PDO alerting to the need for on-line approval.

  • Extending appointment end date
  • LOA, LWOP and RFL connected with FML
  • FML – requires paperwork submitted to the HR FML liaison – Greg Rowe
  • Any other change that requires HRMS job data row approval


At any point in the process, please contact the Postdoctoral Office Program Manager, Valerie Saltou, with any questions: 303-724-2930 or