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May 2014

All the news that is news at the Clinical Research Support Center

COMIRB Reorganization

In a​n effort to better meet the needs of investigators, COMIRB will be reorganizing their administrative teams.

Up until now, minimal risk studies that were reviewed by a single IRB panel member (expedited studies) were processed by a different administrative team than those studies that presented more than minimal risk to subjects, which required an entire panel of reviewers (full board studies).

Moving forward, all studies assigned to each of COMIRB’s 5 review panels will be reviewed by a single administrative team (e.g., all studies assigned to COMIRB Panel C will be processed by a single administrative team, regardless of whether they require an expedited or full board review). Exempt and non-human subject submissions will continue to be divided and processed by a separate team.

Investigators may notice some differences; for example, protocols may be assigned to a panel with which investigators do not usually work. Please pay particular attention to your feedback and approval letters to ensure that you are contacting the correct team that is reviewing your study. Contact information for all of COMIRB’s teams will soon be posted on their website.

As part of this reorganization, COMIRB is also creating a dedicated investigator support team to assist investigators with the COMIRB submission process.  

Though COMIRB feels that this will be a difficult transition within their office, they are confident that these changes will ultimately improve their ability to serve you. COMIRB greatly appreciates your patience as they make this transition, and will work hard to minimize any disruptions.

Please feel free to contact COMIRB with any questions at 303.724.1055, or

OnCore Testing In Motion

The OnCore project team is currently in the process of performing various tests in an effort to streamline and centralize the system’s functionality:

  •  The first round of testing customized, drop-down menu “pick lists” and underlying tables was completed on April 25. The second round of testing is scheduled to start on May 14.

  •  Testing is also in progress for the EPIC demographics interface integration.

  •  Biospecimen Module (BSM) training is scheduled to take place on May 20 at the Anschutz Medical Campus. If you have specific questions about the module, please contact Meg Rebull ( no later than May 16.

  • The following groups have volunteered to test run some of their studies in OnCore once it has been implemented: Orthopedics, Renal Medicine and Hypertension, Ophthalmology, and the Cancer Center GU group.

  • End-user training materials are currently being developed.

Additional information is now available online!  Visit, select “Human Subject Research,” and click on the OnCore logo.

If you have any questions, you can reach a member of the OnCore support team by emailing them at​

Updates from University of Colorado Hospital Research Support Services

What’s New:

  •  In a continued effort to improve EPIC access for research coordinators, RSS has worked to add access to view all pended orders. Additionally, research staff should have access to the smart tool manager, which will allow you to build dot phrases outside of a patient encounter. This access is available now. If you have any issues utilizing this new functionality, please contact RSS. A ‘How-To’ document will be posted on the website in the coming weeks.
  • Following the increased collaboration with UC Denver to provide RSS with IRB approval information, RSS has removed the need to upload an IRB approval letter in the application.
  • The UCH Badging Office has moved! Moreover, RSS is working with the badging office to ensure that those who are approved for a badge receive it in a timely manner. This means that there is no further need to complete an online badge request. RSS will do this on your behalf and provide further instructions on how to schedule an appointment and receive your badge. If you have questions about this process, please contact Research Support Services.
  • Third Party Payers (including Medicare and insurance companies) may require documentation of a patient’s involvement in a research study. In order to remain compliant, please alert RSS to any requests you or your patients may receive as soon as possible. RSS will work to obtain and release this information in a compliant manner.

Don’t Forget:

  • Data-only studies (such as medical chart reviews) DO require RSS approval if you will be accessing UCH’s electronic medical record to complete your study. Please remember to complete the online application for these studies.
  • Invoices and bills are now being sent electronically in a modifiable format. Make sure to check your inbox for this information. If you have any issues with the invoices you receive, contact RSS.
  •  If your study involves a device, UCH may need to submit an application to Novitas for approval. The submission to Novitas cannot be made until a study receives IRB approval. There may be additional documentation, such as an FDA Un-redacted Letter or post-market approval, as well. Novitas review and approval may take up to 45 days; RSS will not activate a study in EPIC until Novitas approval is received. RSS will post further guidance in the coming weeks.

Be on the Lookout:

  • In an effort to work together with all departments, Research Support Services will start requiring all study set up be complete before activating a study in EPIC. This means that starting July 1st, RSS will require Pharmacy EPIC Build, as well as CTO set-up and Radiology EPIC build (if applicable to your study), before activating a study in EPIC. RSS will post a comprehensive guidance on their website in the coming weeks.
  • Research Support Services is striving to minimize confusion around study builds in EPIC. In order to be consistent throughout the Health System and in EPIC, “g-codes” will be getting a facelift. RSS is working to standardize and align a “study code” as a system-wide unique identifier. Look for coming details regarding the new “study codes” in the next month.

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