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March 2014

All the news that is news at the Clinical Research Support Center

The Clinical Research Support Center offering consent form assistance

Bring your laptops, protocols, and draft consent forms to the Informed Consent Development & Writing Workshop to receive one-on-one assistance with translating medical and scientific language to lay language, reducing the reading level of your consent forms, improving readability, and including the general requirements for informed consent. The COMIRB Office Hours Schedule can be found here.

UCHealth Research Support News

What's New?

  • Research Support Services will start having 'Office Hours'. Join us the second Monday of each month from 12-1pm in Leprino Building Room 318. Our first 'Office Hour' will be March 10th and the next will be April 14th. RSS will be on site to assist with questions around the process and workflow for submitting new studies, getting pricing, amendments/modifications and activation in EPIC. Please note this will be a time to assist with submissions. We welcome your comments and suggestions but please email us with these and we can arrange a separate time to discuss them. Thank you and we look forward to working with you.
  • Research Support Services is excited to announce that starting April 1st, we will begin sending all bills electronically. It will be a gradual process and we expect that it will be a few months until it is 100% electronic but for now, you may start to receive emails from<>. This will begin to replace the interdepartmental mail process. Please ensure that your Billing Contact is accurate and the person who should be receiving the bill.
  • In order to ensure we are sending bills to the correct addresses and to help generate automatic emails once your study is active in EPIC, we will be adding a REQUIRED email field for PI, Primary Contact and Billing Contact. Please ensure this information is accurate once you submit and let us know if changes occur.

Be on the lookout

  • Research Support Services is working on including CTO questions into our application. This includes options for CTO Mobile Nursing Support, CTO Inpatient Services and CTO Outpatient Services. We expect you will see some changes starting in April and we will let you know if anything is required. Thank you for your support as we work to align and incorporate the CTO with Research Support Services.

Don't Forget

  • If you need pricing for a study and you have a protocol, you can start by submitting what you have to RSS. If you need pricing before you have a protocol or for a grant submission, email RSS and we will work to get you an estimated price.

 OnCore Implementation Progress Report

A lot has happened since the last update on the OnCore Project.

  • Our Kick-off Meeting with Forte was held in Denver on December 4th and 5th.
  • Implementation team members attended two days of Immersion Training in Madison WI on January 7th and 8th.
  • Super User Training was held in Denver, on February 3rd and 4th with 30 of our lead staff representing the initial users from the Cancer Center, UC Health, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics and the Renal Diseases groups. We had attendees from Administration, Finance, PRMS, SPORE, Grants and Contracts, Regulatory and UC Health Regulatory and Poudre Valley Health.
  • Training and Testing instances of OnCore are up and running and were used for the Super User training earlier this month.
  • We are deep into the process of customizing the system for our community. Lists of staff, sponsors, drugs, devices and institutions that will be used to populate our drop-down menus are either already in the hands of OnCore's vendor or on their way. We're also working on defining our user roles and management structures and will be working with the Super Users to define and document workflows and create Oncore User Guides.
  • On the data migration front, we're mapping the Cancer Center data currently residing in TES to the OnCore fields, and testing the migration processes in preparation for the big move of data.
  • Upcoming steps include continuing to map data, performing data audits and finalizing the application set-up. We'll also begin working on the Biospecimen Management (BSM) module data clean-up and setup starting in May.

In an effort to make OnCore available as soon as possible, we're putting Forte to the test by asking them to modify their normal flow and implement both the Clinical Research (CRM) and BSM modules concurrently. They're stepping up to the challenge, which will allow us to roll-out some components of OnCore for new protocols in early summer. End user training will start in the month before "go live," so stay tuned! We will be sending more information on this in future newsletters as well as making this information available on the website.

With all of this activity, we are looking to expand our implementation team. We're in the process of searching for OnCore Support Specialists in both the Enterprise and Cancer Center to assist with the implementation and provide support to users as they begin to use OnCore. If you know of a suitable candidate, encourage them to visit<> or contact us. If you have any questions, you can reach a member of the OnCore support team by emailing us at<>.

COMIRB: New Advertising Components Submission Form Released

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