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University of Colorado Denver

Environmental Health and Safety, University of Colorado Denver

Minors in the Lab

While the Department of Environment Health and Safety (EHS) encourages and supports educational programs for youths on campus, special care must be taken to ensure the safety of minors entering the laboratory spaces. Any employee who brings a minor into a lab space must have the necessary approvals and consents which includes proper training and parental consent. Please contact Cory Smith or Breanne Puff for more information on required EHS trainings for minors.

University Risk Management has developed documents to assist employees interested in bringing minors into the laboratory. These include a checklist and minor guidelines that outline supervisor  and department responsibilities and consent templates to be completed and signed by the minor/parent/guardian. Please visit the University Risk Management website or contact for more information.

Because minors may be more susceptible to toxic agents and chemicals and may be less aware of the risks and hazards present in the lab environment they require more supervision. Minors are also limited in what activities they can perform; further details outlining restrictions can be found in the University of Colorado Denver policy Minors in Laboratories and Animal Facilities.pdf

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