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Laboratory Hoods

Types of Protection


Types of Protection

There are three types of protection that relate to laboratory ventilation equipment:

  1. Personal Protection — Arguably the most important, this refers to the ability of the equipment to protect the operator from airborne contaminates (e.g., chemical vapors, infectious agents, or other particulates), by keeping them contained within the unit (cabinet or hood).
  2. Product Protection- The ability to keep the product or materials being manipulated within the unit (such as a biological specimen) free from contamination from airborne particles or organisms carried in the air from the laboratory environment.
  3. Environmental Protection- Filtration of exhausted air from within the unit (hood or cabinet) before its entrance into the environment.
Types of Protection for Laboratory Hoods
Equipment Personal Product Environmental
Chemical Fume Hood X
Laminar Flow Hood/Clean Benches X
Class I BSC X X
Class II BSC X X X

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