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University of Colorado Denver

Environmental Health and Safety, University of Colorado Denver

Radiation Safety

Dosimeter Program

Personal Monitoring and Bioassay:

EHS provides personal monitors and other dosimeters to measure total integrated external radiation dose to the whole body and/or designated extremities. Dosimeters will not be issued until the wearer has successfully passed required training. If you need a badge before training is completed and are under constant supervision by a trained radiation worker a dosimeter may be issued if the researcher enrolls in the RAD Worker in Training Program (RAD WIT)

 Badge Request Form

Based on amounts of material acquired by the lab, individuals may be required to come in for bioassays. All records are maintained by EHS and EHS responds to requests for exposure histories. The ultimate goal being to conform to the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principles which can be found in section 2.7 of the Radiation Safety Manual.

Colorado Maximum Permissible Dose (MPD) for occupational exposures to ionizing radiation is the maximum legal limits and in general is not practical working guidelines for acceptable levels of radiation exposure. The university is committed to maintain exposures ALARA under MPD. Biomedical research rarely involves working with sources of penetrating radiation that are likely to deliver doses that exceed ALARA limits (hazards from significant external doses from direct irradiation). These doses are reported on personal monitoring devices. Very few are seen and those that do exceed ALARA limits are generally due to the misuse of dosimeters or an artifact of the reporting process. The emphasis of the program is designed to:

  • Thoroughly investigate those few dose reports that do exceed ALARA levels
  • Promote informational and educational communications to radioactive materials users in order to minimize the likelihood that a significant dose will be received by self-contamination (internal dose), which is the greater hazard in the biomedical research setting.

Am I required to wear a film badge/ring badge?

A personal dosimeter for external whole-body exposure to penetrating radiations is required for:

  • any person working directly with radioactive materials that emit gamma rays, and/or x rays, and/or beta particles with a maximum energy above 500 keV,
  • any minor for whom a permission form is required, and
  • any other person designated by the Committee on Ionizing Radiation.
  • A thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD) finger ring badge or other similar extremity monitor is required for any person who will directly handle vessels containing more than 1 mCi (37 MBq) of 32P or any other beta-emitting radionuclide with a maximum energy above 500 keV, and any person who will directly handle vessels containing more than 5 mCi (185 Mbq) of any radionuclide that emits gamma rays and/or x rays, unless that person is specifically exempted by the Radiation Safety Officer.

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