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Radiation Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order Radioactive Materials through CU Marketplace?
What is covered on the Modular Exams and what do I need to bring with me to the exams?
Do I have to take the modules in sequential order and when can I expect my score on the modular exams?
I am unable to make any of the scheduled sessions to take the modular exams. How can I complete the radiation safety training?
How do I schedule a waste pickup?
Where can I get Rad Bags and/Scint Vial Trays?
How do I set up a standing order (Standing Purchase Requests)?
Is my package in yet?
Do I need a film badge to receive my order?
When will we get our instrument back (when being calibrated)?
Do I need to have my meter calibrated if our lab doesn’t use radioactive material anymore?
How do I go about purchasing a portable radiation detection instrument (GM or Low Energy Gamma detector)?
I am a new PI, what do I need to do to use radioactive material?
What do I need to do to ship radioactive samples to someone I am collaborating with at a different institution?
I need to dispose of some equipment in the lab that we are no longer using. What is the process to do so?
If the lab moves; are RAM containers going to be green tagged and who is going to move them? Once Items are green tagged do we need to remove the radiation tape and symbols?
When am I required to perform a survey in my laboratory and how long am I required to keep the smear/wipe test results?
Am I required to wear a film badge/ring badge?
How do I access the Radiation Safety Authorizations and Renewals page?
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