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You will need to receive a POI number (Person of Interest) before you take the training so that COMIRB can ensure that you get credit for taking the courses and that your information is correctly entered into our database.

When CITI requests your employee ID number please provide the POI number that you have obtained.
Investigators, who are not faculty, staff, trainees or students at one of the University affiliates, require successful completion of the CITI Basic course AND the CITI HIPS Course .

When registering at CITI be sure to select as your home institution, "University of Colorado at Colorado Health Sciences Center - COMIRB". This will ensure that we will receive direct notification of your completion.

If you have previously completed the CITI course, you may fax your completion certificate to 303-724-0990, investigators, co-investigators, and research coordinators listed on human research protocols must successfully complete the following prior to submitting a protocol:

  • CITI Basic course in human subject protections AND
  • CITI Health Information Privacy and Security Basic Course

Until both courses must be completed before an investigator/coordinator can be approved to work on a research study.

CITI Basic Course in Human Subject Protections is an on-line course through the University of Miami.  It offers immediate access to a self-paced training environment that proceeds in a stepwise fashion, module by module with the choice of either a biomedical or social/behavioral focus. You may choose the test that best suits the majority of your research.

Click <CITI> to register for the CITI Basic Course. When registering with CITI, be sure to select "University of Colorado at Colorado Health Sciences Center- COMIRB” as your home institution.

All Faculty and Students of the UC Denver Downtown Campus (and affiliated personnel) must successfully complete a CITI Basic course in human subject protections. Investigators and coordinators will not be approved to be on research projects as investigators or advisors until this course is completed. You may submit a protocol concurrently with completing this training. However, a protocol submitted for review will be delayed until ALL investigators on the project have completed the required training.


To complete the CITI Basic course:

1. Go to the website: and click on ‘New Users: Register Here’

2. Complete registration steps 1-4

    • Select University of Colorado Health Sciences Center - COMIRB as your Participating Institution.
    • Create your User ID and Password
    • Enter your name
    • Enter your Employee Number (EIN or POI)
    • Enter your email address

3. Please provide your contact information.

4. Question 1: Select either the Bio Medical (Group1), Social/Behavioral (Group 2), or GCP, Group 4.  (Please select the group most closely related to the type of research you will be doing.)

5. Question 2: Select “I have not previously completed an approved Basic Course.”

6. When you get to the Learner’s Menu, check under My Courses – Status, and click on the “Not Started- Enter” link.

7. Complete all required CITI Modules with a total grade of 80% or better.  These modules can be completed one at a time separately, or all at once, as your schedule allows.

8. Your CITI Completion will be automatically e-mailed to the COMIRB Office.  Please print a copy of your completion report (under “My Courses”) for your records.


CITI Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS)

If your research project involves a hospital or clinic that is subject to the HIPAA privacy and security regulations then you will also need to complete the CITI Health Information Privacy and Security training:

  1. Go to
  2. Select University of Colorado Health Sciences Center- COMIRB as your Institution.
  3. Register with your username and password.
  4. You will be presented with a series of questions or options to enable you to enroll in the Learner Group appropriate to your interests or role in research.
  5. Select CITI Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) Basic Course
  6. On the Main Menu page, select Enter or Re-Enter to begin or continue the Course.
  7. You need to complete all of the Required Modules and 2 of the Elective Modules
  8. When you have completed the course, click on Main Menu.  If you did not pass the course, you may return to any of the modules and re-take any of the Quizzes.
  9. Print out the Completion Certificate through the link: “Print” in the Learner’s menu to keep for your files.  A copy will be sent automatically to COMIRB.


If you have further questions, please contact Monica Devine at (303)-724-1011 for more information

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