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Office of Research Development and Education

Office of Research Development and Education


Fund Searching and Funding Resources for Faculty

9th Street Home on Denver Campus





 Personalized Fund Searching for Faculty

Locating potential funding sources for your projects is a time-consuming and often frustrating process. ORDE can assist you through our Personalized Fund Searching Service. After talking with you about your project, we will design and conduct a fund search. The outcome will be a Planning Document of sponsor profiles specific to your project and interests. This Planning Document will be helpful as you map out your sustainable funding strategy across the life of your project.

To initiate a search, please contact Lynette Michael at 303-315-5822 or


 Targeted Funding Announcements

​ORDE monitors a variety of information sources to remain current on upcoming Federal and non-Federal funding opportunities. We send targeted announcements to our faculty based on your research interests. To take advantage of this service, please contact Lynette at 303-315-5822 for details or e-mail a project/research interest description, your CV and possible keywords to her at As opportunities become available in your areas of interest, you will automatically receive pertinent information via e-mail. Note that investigators who have ORDE perform Fund Searches (described above) are co-registered for this service automatically.2




 New Investigator Funding Opportunities e-Book - 2015

Research Funding for New Investigators - 2015 identifies new investigator funding opportunities offered by both federal and private sponsors in many disciplines including arts, humanities, biomedical sciences, clinical sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, architecture and engineering. This book provides details about funding deadlines, sponsor objectives, eligibility criteria and direct links to sponsor web pages. As with all our e-Books, it comes with a clickable Table of Contents and Subject Index.

Users may also perform keyword searches using the Adobe Acrobat Find Feature under the Edit Menu; simple and advanced searches are possible.


 Pilot Project Funding Opportunities e-Book - 2015

Our Pilot Project Funding Opportunities e-Book is designed to quickly provide investigators with information about sponsors that fund projects at the preliminary data stage. Covering opportunities in many disciplines represented here at the University, this resource is a first step in identifying potential funding sources for your newly contemplated projects. 2

 Sabbatical Support e-Book - 2015

​Another addition to our e-Book Series features funding opportunities to help faculty engage in fulfilling sabbatical experiences. Are you looking for opportunities that would allow you to travel, learn new research techniques, have time and space for quiet study and writing, engage in collaborative research activities with colleagues while on sabbatical leave? Start with our Sabbatical Support e-Book. Details provided include sponsor interests, deadlines, notification dates and sponsor links.3




 Know Your Agency Series

ORDE is developing a series of sponsor-specific articles detailing the sponsor's philosophy, objectives, available grant programs, proposal process and review procedures for each. These two-page briefs are currently available for the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, BrightFocus Foundation, Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, Institute of Education Sciences, National Endowment for the Humanities, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Check out our Know Your Agency Series.1

 Grant Advisor Newsletter

​ORDE provides a subscription to the Grant Advisor Newsletter for the University Research Community. This Newsletter provides information about upcoming funding opportunities in a variety of disciplines and is published every month except July.

This resource is available from any computer on the University of Colorado Denver network and is accessible off-campus through a user name and password (changed by the publisher monthly). To access off-campus, please contact Lynette Michael at 303-315-5822 or to automatically receive current access information and an Adobe Acrobat version of the newsletter each month when available.





 Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN)

InfoEd Global offers an online fund search database, SPIN, featuring over 40,000 opportunities offered by both federal and private sources. This database allows you to design and run full-text searches either by using your own keywords or by selecting from the extensive Library of Congress keyword list. University of Colorado Denver faculty and staff have access to SPIN from any University-networked computer. We are happy to answer questions you have when using SPIN; contact Lynette. (The subscription for this database is provided by the CU System as part of the overall ERA System.)

To access SPIN, go to and select SPIN at the top of the page.


 Grant Advisor Plus

​The Grant Advisor Plus Resource provides a combination of features for those seeking information about funding opportuniites.

  1. The Grant Advisor monthly newsletter highlights upcoming deadlines, gives insights on specific agency offerings and provides deadline listings by discipline.
  2. The Grant Advisor Plus On-Line Database allows searches by keyword, discipline or agency.

University of Colorado Denver faculty and staff have access to this resource from any University-networked computer. It is also accessible off-campus through a username and password, changed monthly by the publisher. Please contact ORDE to automatically receive a copy of the newsletter and updated login information each month ( (The Grant Advisor Plus subscription is provided by ORDE.)



​The Database lists funding opportunities for 26 Federal granting agencies including the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Department of Energy, National Endowment for the Humanities, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Justice and Department of Education. You may search by funding opportunity notice or Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number, browse by agency or sign up to receive automatic daily e-mails of agency announcements.


 Foundation Finder

​The Foundation Center offers a very basic (but free) search mechanism, the Foundation Finder, to locate information about private foundations. You may search on foundation name, city, state, zip code or employer ID number (EIN).

To access Foundation Finder, go to

The Foundation Center also offers free access to the 990 Finder, a database of recent private foundation Form 990s (the IRS Return of Private Foundations) which gives information about specific projects funded by foundations.

To access the 990 Finder, go to


 NYFA Award Source

​Maintained by the New York Foundation for the Arts, the NYFA Award Source is a national directory of funding sources for artists. The database currently houses over 3600 award programs and has a very easy database interface. You may search by discipline, location, deadline, keyword, gender and career point. As you are reviewing your search results, the database allows you to flag those of interest and then with a click bring up only the ones you selected with that searching session.



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