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University of Colorado Denver

Office of Grants and Contracts

SNAP Checklist

Office of Grants and Contracts


NIH Streamlined Non-Competing Application Procedures
Use PHS 2590 forms and instructions revised 11/07

Documents required, and the order in which they should be submitted:

  1. Face Page (Form Page 1)
    • A sample Face Page with UC Denver administrative information is available on the Grants and Contracts Sponsor Forms page.
    • Leave items 8a and 8b blank
  2. Progress Report Summary (Form Page 5)
    • Answer the following questions at the beginning of the Progress Report Summary (Form Page 5) and provide any additional documentation requested for a “yes” response. This section is not included in the Progress Report page limit.
      1. Has there been a change in the other support of key personnel since the last reporting period?
        • If yes, explain the change(s); if no, so state. Specific information is to be provided only if active support has changed. If a previously active grant has terminated and/or if a previously pending grant is now active, submit complete* Other Support information using the suggested format and instructions found in the PHS 398 application. Annotate this information so it is clear what has changed from the previous submission.
        • Submission of Other Support information is not necessary if support is pending or for changes in the level of effort for active support reported previously.
        • Other Support information should be submitted only for the principal investigator and for those individuals considered by the principal investigator to be key to the project.
        • If the level of involvement for an individual previously listed as an "Other Significant Contributor" has changed such that they now are considered “key personnel,” this change should be indicated in this section and Other Support information submitted.
          * Complete Other Support includes both Active and Pending projects, as well as an Overlap statement for each key person.
      2. Will there be, in the next budget period, a significant change in the level of effort for the PI or other personnel designated on the Notice of Grant Award from what was approved for this project?
        • If yes, please explain (e.g., decreased level of effort from 40 percent to 30 percent); if no, so state. A significant change in level of effort is defined in Federal regulations as a 25 percent reduction in time devoted to the project.
      3. Is it anticipated that an estimated unobligated balance (including prior year carryover) will be greater than 25 percent of the current year’s total budget?
        • If yes, please provide an explanation; if no, so state. An explanation should include why there is a significant balance and how it will be spent if carried forward into the next budget period.
  3. Inclusion Enrollment Report (Inclusion Enrollment Format Page)
    • Submit if you are conducting clinical research. If there is more than one study, please submit a separate table for each study.
    • This section is not included in the Progress Report page limit.
  4. Targeted/Planned Enrollment Table (Targeted/Planned Enrollment Format Page)
    • Submit a revised table if there are changes from the Targeted/Planned Enrollment original approved for funding.
    • This section is not included in the Progress Report page limit.
  5. Checklist (Form Page 6)
    • Submit only for Career Development ("K") awards.
  6. Personnel Report (Form Page 7)
    • List all key personnel (salaried and unsalaried) for the current budget period at the applicant organization or elsewhere, who participated in the project during the current budget period.

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