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University of Colorado Denver

Office of Grants and Contracts

Fringe Benefit Rates

Office of Grants and Contracts

Treatment of Fringe Benefits

The University of Colorado Denver charges the actual cost of each fringe benefit direct to projects. However, it uses a fringe benefit rate which is applied to salaries and wages in budgeting fringe benefit costs under project proposals. The fringe benefits listed below are treated as direct costs.

UCD converted to using a fringe benefit rate for budgeting, effective for those applications/proposals submitted to outside sponsors on or after May 17, 1999. The change to a budgeting rate does not impact actual charges to funded projects as charges are based on actual costs.

The rates to be used for projects starting or extending beyond April 1, 2014 are as follows:

Project Rate
Regular, Clinical, or Research Faculty & Professional Exempt *&** 28%
Post Doctorial Fellows & Other Faculty without regular appointment *&** 19%
Classified Staff 39%
Medical Residents (Contact GME) *** (<50%) TBD
Part Time Faculty(<50%) 8%
Part Time Professional Research Assistant(<50%) 9%
Hourly Employees and Classified Temporary (Non Students) 18%
Students (Not Enrolled) **** 2%
Students (Enrolled) **** 1%
NOTE: The Fringe Rate allocations are now consistent across UCD therefore the above rates will be applicable to all UCD locations.

*Faculties with an appointment less than 100% of time but greater than or equal to 50% are eligible for health insurance at 100% of the University contribution rate. As a result benefits for these employees may be higher than the above rates.
** Faculty on contract pay do not accrue vacation and sick leave and are not subject to termination fringe for these employees reduce the given rate by 1%.

***GME is finalizing their costs in the interim please contact GME for assistance to use actual benefit amounts to calculate %.

**** To determine enrollment for students use the following:
        • Undergraduate students enrolled in at least six credit hours during the academic year or at least three credit hours during the summer semester.
        • Graduate students enrolled in at least five credit hours during the academic year or at least three credit hours during the summer semester.
        • Not enrolled are those enrolled for less than above requirements

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