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Office of Grants and Contracts

Electronic Routing

Office of Grants and Contracts

One of the features of the InfoEd Electronic Research Administration (eRA) system is the ability to route proposals electronically, notifying reviewers via email for their approval and gathering their signatures electronically.  Everything is centrally controlled and viewable within the InfoEd eRA system.  Anyone with access to that particular proposal or contract routing will be able to see the progress.
Routing is part of the Proposal Development module and is being rolled out parallel to the development and submission of System to System proposals.

Interim Solution

In the meantime, for those proposals prepared in InfoEd eRA Proposal Development for submission, the electronic routing form can be used with this signature sheet.  Print out the routing eForm and the signature sheet, route these forms only and submit to OGC for review.

Pilot Phase

Currently the Electronic Research Administration (ERA) team at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus is currently piloting routing with a few departments to work out details.

Phase One

Phase One will focus on all departments who currently use the FormRouter Electronic Proposal Routing solution to route proposals.  The goal to transitioning all of these departments over to InfoEd eRA routing is June 30, 2014.

Phase Two

Phase Two will reach out to other departments who are actively submitting NIH system to system proposals and who would like to utilize routing as part of their submissions.

Phase Three

Phase Three will bring all other departments online to route all proposals and contracts.  This phase will take the longest and will be broken down into smaller milestones dependent on which departments are left and the time it will take for setup and training.

FormRouter Electronic Proposal Routing

FormRouter EPR will remain active until all departments are transitioned to InfoEd eRA’s routing capabilities. Click here for information about the legacy FormRouter system.
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