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University of Colorado Denver

Office of Grants and Contracts


Office of Grants and Contracts

Budgets for all grant applications and contract proposals are required to be evaluated by the Grants and Contracts office PRIOR to their submission to sponsoring agencies. This review comes in two parts:

There are no set guidelines that would be applicable to all budgets or in all situations. Generally, budget structures differ among Federal, State, local government and non-profit sponsoring agencies, and between research and training activities. The major budget categories will be the same regardless of the type of grant or contract, or the sponsoring agency. The most variance will probably be found in the amount of information required for each category. The best source for information will be the guidelines supplied by the sponsoring agency.

There are no set rules that apply to all of the numerous sponsoring agencies, but the general guidelines below apply to any good budget preparation. Again, it should be stressed that the best method to ensure a properly-prepared budget is to consult the sponsoring agency's guidelines prior to beginning your budget preparation!

The following guidelines are general rules that should be applicable to any good proposal budget preparation:

Budget Guidelines:


The personnel section is one of the most important areas of the budget.  Finished work should be thoroughly reviewed to ensure that each position is listed and calculated correctly.  Only faculty can be Principal Investigators for research activities administered through OGC at CU Denver.  If you are unsure of eligibility, please call 303-724-0090 or check with the appropriate Dean's office.

Each person listed as personnel must be a CU Denver employee paid through the CU Denver payroll system.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, prospective CU Denver employees may be listed as personnel.  Follow the process described below for inclusion of prospective employees on grant proposals.

Naming Prospective CU Denver Employees on Grant Proposals
OGC recognizes there are situations when an individual named on a grant proposal has not commenced employment at CU Denver.  In such instances it is permissible to include the prospective individual on the proposal as long as certain requirements are met.  Please follow the steps below for inclusion of the person in the proposal:
1.   Provide the following information in either a letter of offer or e-mail communication from the appropriate appointing authority:
a.     Name
b.     Date of appointment
c.     Salary
d.     Proposed UCD FTE
       2.    Complete and submit the form entitled Documentation of PHS Financial
                Conflict of Interest  (FCOI) Policy
(form).  This form must be submitted 
                 for any Public Health Service (PHS) grant before the individual can be
                 named on the grant proposal. Click here to access the form.  

                 Complete the form as follows: 
                 a. Section A, Proposal Information must be completed.

                 b. Section B, Collaborator Information may be skipped. 

 c. Section C, Collaborator FCOI Policy Statement must be completed. 

i. Select Option 2, "I will follow the Conflict of Interest Policy established and enforced by the University of Colorado Denver."

ii.  Include Name of prospective UCD employee in Investigator/Key Personnel section.
d. Section D Approval
               i.  This section will be completed by the OGC
If the prospective employee information and form is not completed prior to the grant deadline, the individual may not be included by name in the grant proposal.  The position may be included with the “TBN” (To Be Named) designation, or will need to be removed completely from the proposal.
COI disclosure must be completed within 60 days from date of employment for the new employee.   
To learn more about COI visit the OGC COI page. 


Grants and Contracts will confirm appropriate institutional base salary is used in budgets and will question variances.

To calculate the requested salary:

(person - months) x (Institutional Base Salary) = Requested Salary

Uncompensated Effort
Pay Increases/Documentation Requirements
Fringe Benefit Rates
Consultant Costs
Patient Care Costs
Alterations and Renovations
Other Expenses
Trainee Costs
Facilities and Administrative Costs
Submission and Evaluation of the Completed Application

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