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Initiative for Promoting Healthy Lifestyles across the Lifespan

Chronic illnesses and unhealthy lifestyles threaten the health of individuals across the lifespan in epidemic proportions and are especially concerning in ethnic minority populations.

A healthy lifestyle includes biobehavioral factors such as good nutrition, increasing physical activity, reducing inactivity, and getting adequate sleep (quality/duration). While genetics, gender, ethnic variation, socioeconomic status, and the physical environment impact these factors, interventions that target one or more of these aspects of a healthy lifestyle result in enhanced prevention, improved treatment, and better quality of life for individuals with many chronic illnesses.

Therefore, promoting healthy lifestyles in populations across the lifespan is essential to address the epidemic of chronic conditions in the United States. Because a wide range of variables interact to influence these factors, an interdisciplinary approach is beneficial to support individuals, families, and communities in their self-management of healthy lifestyles including diet, activity, inactivity, and sleep.

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About Us

Promoting healthy lifestyles across the lifespan using a chronic care perspective.

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The transdisciplinary team brings expertise in obesity prevention and treatment guidelines, technology-based interventions, biobehavioral research, and collaborating with culturally diverse communities.

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Dramatic discoveries in healthy lifestyles are occurring across the Anschutz Medical Campus.

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Community Involvement 

Community groups and patient partners are invited to collaborate with investigators on projects.