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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Contact the ORS

Karen Sousa, PhD, RN, FAAN

Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship

Phone: 303-724-8548

Barbara Creswell, MMA

Pre-award Grants and Contracts Specialist

Phone: 303-724-8551

Sarah Trimmer, MPH

Post-award Grants and Contracts Specialist

Phone: 303-724-2514

Jason Weiss, MEd

Research Coordinator

Phone: 303-724-6433

Mariama Sannoh, MS

CCNR Coordinator

Phone: 303-724-8538


ORS Personnel

Meet Your Office of Research and Scholarship Staff


Barbara Creswell 
Barbara Creswell, Pre-Award Grants and Contracts Specialist


Sarah Trimmer 
Sarah Trimmer, Post-Award Grants and Contracts Specialist





Jason Weiss

Jason Weiss (left), Research Coordinator

Mariama Sannoh


Mariama Sannoh, CCNR Coordinator







ORS Research Committee

The Research Committee promotes intramural research and establishes policies regarding allocation/evaluation of intramural research funding for faculty and students.
2013-2014 Faculty Research Committee:
Co-Chair, Madalynn Neu
Co-Chair, Paul Cook 
Graduate Student Member, Brie Thumm

ORS Research Committee