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Virtual CRNS

The Center for Research and Nursing Scholarship

virtual CRNS

Explore your Center for Research and Nursing Scholarship away from the Center for Research and Nursing Scholarship here! Available 24/7, the Virtual CRNS is your convenient, self-service stop for statistical and research-method support. In addition, RA consultation is available with any CRNS service.

Click the titles on the list below to explore the remarkable number, variety and efficacy of resources available through the Virtual CRNS.

 SSPS Tutorials

 Power Analysis

​View tools to help you determine the right sample size to maximize your chances of achieving statistically significant results. These tools can also be used after the fact to determine how much statistical power a given study maintains:



 Survey Research

​Use these tools to conduct basic survey research. The "Survey Monkey" tool allows you to create free, online surveys (up to 10 questions and 100 respondents) that you can customize to your specifications. Larger-scale surveys with more options can be set up for a modest fee. The site automatically tabulates frequency counts for responses.


 Structural Equation Modeling

​View the below reference information for two SEM applications. You can also download free student versions of both programs; the student versions have limits on the number of cases that can be analyzed and the number of variables you can include in your model. The full versions of both programs are available in the CRNS Computer Lab.



 Multilevel Modeling

Reference information for the MLM application is available in the CRNS Computer Lab. You can also download a free student version of the same software, which is limited to 5 effects, 7200 level-1 observations, and 350 level-2 observations, but which is otherwise the same as the full version available in the CRNS lab.



 Data Formatting and Missing Data

​Traditional approaches to missing data — dropping cases with missing data or filling in the mean score for other participants on that item — promote error in analyses. Download free tools to deal with missing data more appropriately. Some programs available in the CRNS Computer Lab (LISREL and AMOS) also have built-in capabilities to handle missing data. SPSS has a commercial add-on product for missing data analysis, but this is not available in the SPSS basic package used at the College of Nursing.




​Explore tools and calculators for performing meta-analytic literature reviews. The MetaWin program is a spreadsheet-based meta-analysis package that is available in the CRNS computer lab. You can download a free trial version here (limited to 15 studies in your review).



 Qualitative Research

​Use the resource material and tools for conducting qualitative studies and using Atlas-Ti below:



 Research Design

​Below are tools to help you plan your next study, and to choose the appropriate statistical tests:



 Evidence-Based Practice

​Learn how to read and interpret research articles. (Also see the reference materials in the section on Research Design above.)



 Online Calculators

​The following calculators allow you to perform common statistical tests by entering data into a web interface:



 Online Reference Shelf

​Access free online training materials about topics in statistics and research here. Some of these may be useful in teaching about statistics and research methods.


Didn’t find your answer here? Try the print resources available in the CNR lab