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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Center for Research and Nursing Scholarship Personnel

Meet and Greet Your CRNS Personnel

Contact a CRNS consultant or RA via e-mail by clicking on one of the names below.

CRNS Consultants

Oliwier DziadkowiecOliwier Dziadkowiec, PhD, Director of the Center for Research and Nursing Scholarship, oversees the functions of the CRNS, supervising the research assistants and coordinating the activities of the computer laboratory. Dr. Dziadkowiec assists with data analysis/interpretation and provides guidance to students and faculty in statistical/research design.
Sarah SchmiegeSarah Schmiege, PhD, College of Nursing Statistician, provides individual consultation on faculty research projects and grants. Dr. Schmiege has extensive experience evaluating data from randomized controlled trials, including the data complexities that frequently arise in such trials (e.g., missing data, fidelity/adherence problems, and longitudinal data collection/analysis). She excels in multilevel-model analysis, psychometric analysis, mediational analysis, and structural equation modeling.

CRNS Research Assistants, Fall 2014

Tiffany CallahanTiffany Callahan--Tiffany is from Park City, Utah. She completed her undergrad study at the University of New Mexico, where she skied at the NCAA level; skiing and rock-climbing continue to be among her primary hobbies, and she enjoys brewing beer, as well. At present, Tiffany is a first-year MPH student, focusing on Applied Biostatistics. Subsequently, her appreciation of stats/methodology will propel her to a PhD in Health Informatics, and ultimately, that degree will usher in a long life in academics/public health, where she will implement and adapt empirically supported treatments in community-based settings.