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University of Colorado College of Nursing

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Faculty Stories

Meet our educators and nurse scientists

Jan Beezley

Sara Horton-Deutsch, PhD, PMHCNS, RN, ANEF

Sara Horton-Deutsch, PhD, PMHCNS, RN, ANEF, joined the College of Nursing last year as the Watson Caring Science Endowed Chair. Read more about how she plans to advance Distinguished Professor and Dean Emerita Jean Watson's work in caring science.

Jan Beezley

Jan Beezley, MSN, APRN-BC

Beezley is an experienced nurse practitioner who specializes in care of the underserved, specifically the homeless. She has practiced for over 30 years, and she enjoys teaching students in the clinical setting. 

Jan Beezley

Scott Harpin, PhD, MPH, RN

Selected as one of 15 U.S. fellows for Building Careers for Research in Child Maltreatment and Intimate Partner Violence, Harpin continues to make a difference in at-risk youths' lives.

marie copy.jpg

Marie Hastings-Tolsma, PhD, CNM

Awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, Hastings-Tolsma spends her days meandering around Johannesburg, South Africa where she is studying the use of indigenous herbs during pregnancy and birth.

Tammy Spencer

Catherine Jankowski, PhD

How do you maintain and promote physical function during the aging process? Does it make a difference? That’s the essence of 13 years of research by Catherine Jankowski, PhD.

Ernestine Kotthoff-Burrell, PhD

Ernestine Kotthoff-Burrell, PhD, ANP

No one understands today's aging population better than Ernestine Kotthoff-Burrell, PhD, ANP. She is hands down the go-to professional at CU’s College of Nursing. With a 35-year career, she understands what it takes to meet the growing demand for health care for seniors.

Joan Nelson, DNP, RN

When it comes to caring for the elderly, Nelson knows the score—from helping students prepare to pass expanded geriatric content on the 2013 nurse practitioner certification exam to effectively dealing with patients in a clinical setting.

Pam Prag BS, MS, MPH

Prag brings her passion for nursing to developing countries once again. She has volunteered in Uganda, Indonesia, Zambia, Haiti and Afghanistan. Her more recent foray was to Banepa, Nepal, last fall, where she was asked to evaluate the possibility of a partnership between the Scheer Memorial Hospital College of Nursing and the CU College of Nursing. Prag was on a team of health care professionals volunteering under the auspices of Centura Health’s Global​ Health Initiatives GHI.

Ginger Raterink, DNSc, ANP-C

Raterink's passion for working with older adults, combined with an extensive background designing and implementing online pedagogical methods, enhances the quality of students' online learning experiences.

Erica Schwartz​, CNM, MSN, DNP

An epiphany early on in her career changed Schwartz's path from law school to midwife. Now, with an impressive number of positions in advanced practice nursing, Schwartz is driven to create solutions for weaknesses in systems of care.

Diane Skiba, PhD, FAAN, FAAMI

A life-long love of technology and dedication to the nursing field has led Diane Skiba to become an internationally known expert in nursing informatics. She continues to put her expertise into practice by preparing nurses in the field of informatics.

Tammy Spencer

Tammy Spencer, MS, RN, CNE, ACNS-BC, CCNS ---Nurse Educator

For Spencer being an educator isn’t about simply feeding students information or helping them understand and apply it, but watching them grow and mature as nurses.