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Dulce Mia Warren: The future of culturally relevant healthcare education

2014 Alumni Association Scholarship Recipient

​“My grandmother, Carmen, died of cervical cancer at age 32. The knowledge of her untimely death from a preventable disease is the foundation of my research interests,” says doctor of philosophy student Dulce Mia Warren, BS '00, MS '05, PhD '15.

Warren is interested in learning about cervical cancer screening disparities among Mexican-American women so that women all have the opportunity to meet their grandchildren. Through her continued education, Warren hopes to learn to encourage nurses’ attentiveness of minor language adjustments that can transform their patient communication into culturally relevant health promotion interventions.

“I think that simple articles directed toward my peers are the best way to promote culturally meaningful discussion with patients at the bedside and clinical settings,” says Warren. “Continuing to research and publish about health care education can help impact the rate of cervical cancer screening care disparities through provider awareness.”

The American Cancer Society published a cancer study that looked into cervical cancer incidence rates. “Compared to non-Hispanic white women, researchers found that Hispanic women of Mexican origin have 70% higher cervical cancer incidence rates and 50% higher cervical cancer mortality rates,” Warren summarizes.

As Warren pursues her third degree from the College of Nursing, she believes that the college’s Alumni Association is validating her effort, training and value as a nurse researcher by awarding her the 2014 Alumni Association scholarship. “Awarding me with this scholarship reflects a reciprocate effort between the college and me. I still remember my first day of nursing school orientation with detailed clarity, and this scholarship is a reminder of the hope and aspirations I had on that day.”

Warren currently works for McKesson Corporation as a clinical content specialist. She currently ensures that the company’s disease-management content is evidence-based, current and at an appropriate health care literacy level for telehealth nurses to use while coaching patients. She is also a member of the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health.

“At work and among my peers I seem to be a person who people come to when they need help finding a scientifically based answer. I love teaching others how to find resources and how to critically evaluate evidence.”

Although Warren does not plan to teach in an academic setting in the near future, she is excited for the potential to tutor and mentor struggling nursing students as a service to the nursing community. Warren is looking forward to using her passion for nurse education to guide others toward providing scientific and pragmatic nursing care. “Nurses are more than assistants; we are partners with patients, families and other members of the health care team.”

Warren is the College of Nursing Alumni Association S. Claire Sandekian Scholarship recipient for 2014.​