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Innate Immune Program Builds From Strength

Understanding the world of microbes inside the body.

Fellow DDW Presentation Titles

Fellow talks/presentations and poster presentations for DDW 2017

Rocky Mountain IBD Course

The Rocky Mountain IBD Conference is an intimate venue for the discussion of cutting-edge information among healthcare professionals who provide IBD patient care.

UCH - The Liver Program

Through research, education, clinical care, and invaluable partnerships, the Liver Program at University of Colorado Hospital is paving the way for the future of patient care.

New Faculty and Fellows

Please join us in welcoming the following new faculty and fellows to our division.

Awards & Accomplishments

Many of Denver’s physicians are at the forefront of new treatments, cutting-edge procedures, and promising research into how we can further heal an ailing heart


DOM Newsroom

Another Risk Identified From ‘Stress Diabetes’ – And A Possible New Way To Measure It

“The uniqueness of this study is the use of a not tremendously well-founded biomarker, the glucose-to-glycated-albumin ratio,” said endocrinologist Robert Eckel, endowed chair and professor at the University of Colorado Hospital.

Does breast-feeding really decrease my cancer risk?

Nursing has been linked to a reduced risk of breast cancer in both pre- and post-menopausal women. But, says Virginia Borges, director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center’s young women’s breast cancer program.

How Long Has COPD Been Around?

According to a 2006 history of COPD in the International Journal of COPD written by Thomas L. Petty, an early reference to emphysema came when Swiss physician Theophile Bonet described a patient’s “voluminous lungs” in 1679.

Insurers are slow to approve pricey new cholesterol drugs

Robert Eckel: “I know the indications of the drug, how to assess its risk and when I need to push hard. I often also explain to my patients upfront that I’m the prescribing physician and not in a position to discuss copays.”

Study: Women Seeking Emergency Contraception In Colorado May Still Face Barriers

“In some cases it was kept in a locked plastic container or a locked cabinet, so you would have to ask the assistance of pharmacy staff or store staff to get it,” says Carol Stamm, who initiated the study at the CU School of Medicine.

Denver woman donates kidney to complete stranger, saves 6 lives

“An altruistic donor can spike a big chain reaction,” said Monica Grafals with the University of Colorado's Live Donor program.

Flu season outlook: Hospitals already seeing influenza cases

“Australia, where most of the data has been validated, they saw two and a half more flu cases this year than they did last year,’ said CU professor Michelle Barron.

Father Who Almost Died From Flu: Don’t ‘Go Through What I Went Through’

“The only reason he’s alive today is because he is young and healthy,” said Michelle Barron, infectious disease specialist and Medical Director of Infection Control for the University of Colorado Hospital.

Why Do We Get Sick When We Travel?

Why do we always get sick after traveling? Stress! Traveling can be very stressful for a lot of reasons.

Hepatitis A cases double in Colorado from last year

“If you eat out, if you like any kind of fruits and vegetables, at some point you will be exposed to this virus and you could get sick from it,” said Michelle Barron, UC Health’s Medial Director of Infection Prevention and Control.

Now hear this: Podcasts used to advance medical ethics education

“One of the things we try to do with these stories is we take one person’s experience, and the decision they faced, and we try to use it to explore larger ethical themes,” said “Hard Call” co-host Matt Wynia.

Biosimilars are proving to be a tougher sell in the U.S. than was expected

Headlines alleging manipulations of the drug market feed the public perception of big, bad pharma, but they do little to tell the whole story of the challenges of launching a biosimilar.

FDA Official Calls for Ending Codeine Use in Kids Cough Products

Jeffrey Brent, professor at the CU School of Medicine, said the FDA should do more to discourage use of codeine-based products in the general population, not just children, because there is a higher prevalence of obesity.

I-70 neighbors concerned about dust, pollution from expansion project

“If you have a day when the air quality is bad and then you throw in the dust, you may create a double whammy for people in the area,” said Anthony Gerber, National Jewish Health physician and professor.

'Upside' to Diabetes Really Isn't

It has been known for at least two decades that diabetes decreases the risk of aneurysm, but the reasons behind this phenomenon are not clear, said Robert Eckel, a professor with the CU Anschutz Medical Campus.