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A great place to pursue your graduate studies!

The greater metro area of Denver Colorado has a lot to offer in places to live and things to do during your graduate years.

Click here for several websites with information.

Click here for a student-annotated GoogleMap of Denver and Aurora.


Local Events

Local Events

Discover what's going on in and around Denver


Local Music

Discover the exciting local music scene with this searchable, exhaustive listing of local and live music.

Local Dining

Local Dining

Denver boasts a large number of fine restaurants and dive bars, discover both ends of the culinary spectrum as well as local gems like cafes and bakeries.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

The Denver area boasts a plethora of outdoor activities. Use these links to discover what's outside and connect with other people with similar interests

Regional Transit Department

Regional Transit Department (RTD)

Denver's public transportation system can get you from Boulder to Aurora and back again. Use RTD to get around the city, explore their web site to learn more.