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Equipment and Facilities Support

To request assistance regarding Department of Immunology and Microbiology equipment or facilities issues, please submit a Maintenance-Equipment Ticket through the online system.

Maintenance-Equipment Ticket

For after-hours emergencies such as water leaks, please contact Facilities Operations Dispatch at 303-724-1777.  Please submit a Maintenance-Equipment Ticket as well so that we can follow-up on the issue during business hours.  
The department has a variety of shared equipment available for use*
  • Gel documentation (uv-vis, phosphorimaging, fluorescence)
  • PCR (thermocyclers and qPCR)
  • Cell disruption (sonicator, bead beater, French press)
  • Centrifugation
  • FACS (multicolor detection/sorting, magnetic sorting )
  • Microscopy (light, fluorescence, confocal)
  • Plate readers (uv-vis, fluorescence, luminescence)
  • Safety hoods (cell culture, dissection)
  • Incubators (shaking, static, CO2)
  • Refrigeration (cold rooms, freezers, ULT freezers, liquid nitrogen)
  • Glassware cleaning and media prep (autoclaves, dishwashers, drying ovens)

Spaces dedicated to specialized research**
  • BSL3 laboratories
  • Radioactive materials laboratories
  • Microscopy

*For a comprehensive list of equipment you can download either a spreadsheet or pictures​
**For access to secured research areas please contact JC Haller or Tom Shallow
How do I use a piece of common equipment?
You can contact JC ( and he will provide you with training on the proper use of the equipment or put you in contact with someone who can train you.  If you have not received training, you should not be using department owned equipment.

The door to a procedure room is locked or has a keycard scanner, how do I get access?
Due to University Health and Safety (EH&S) requirements, procedure rooms containing flammable storage or radioactive materials have locks that cannot be disabled.  Keycard scanners are present on microscope and ultracentrifuge rooms to prevent unauthorized used.  Please submit a request thorough the Maintenance-Equipment Ticket system for a key or keycard access.  Before access is granted, training in proper use of the equipment or EH&S courses on handling radioactivity or hazardous materials will be required.

I am having issues with a piece of equipment in my own laboratory, how do I get this fixed?

JC can make minor repairs to some types of equipment, otherwise he may be able to recommend an outside vendor that the department has used previously.
The preferred method for requesting assistance is through a Maintenance-Equipment Ticket

If that is not practical please contact:
Jon (JC) Haller: Immunology and Microbiology Research and Facilities Resources Coordinator

Thomas Shallow: Immunology and Microbiology Department DFA, Go to Person if JC is not available.