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IT Support

A resource for all department level computer, printer, and server support.

To view the IT Support Page for the Immunology and Microbiology department, please follow the link below which will take you to the updated internal department website.

IT Internal Website

Thanks and contact for questions
Michael Elmore

What tier does my problem fall under?

OIT Problems: I am locked out of my Univeristy Account (contact OIT at 303-724-help). University webpages are not working. Internet is down in entire building not just our floor.

Lab Equipment Problems: Contact JC (Jon Haller) at

Department Level Problems: Solved by Michael Elmore (LAN Admin)

Tier 1 (Usually solved by looking through this website): Printing, how to install software, do not have admin access, need a computer upgrade, my computer is slow, how do I get to a certain website, Adobe Flash is asking to update?
  • Response Time: 2-3 days
Tier 2: My email is not working, I have lost a file, my computer screen keeps turning off, I need VPN access for a trip, I need an account on one of the department servers, My University or Department level (for file servers) password is not working?
  • Response Time: Less than 24 hours

Tier 3: Department Server(s) is/are down, I can not connect to my lab share, I believe I have a virus, my computer just Blue Screened, my harddrive made a grinding noise, my computer will not turn on, I am locked out of my computer.
  • Response Time: 1-2 hours (Usually sooner)

What is the procedure to solve an IT problem from one of the Tier's above?

  1. Submit a ticket--> IT Support Ticket Request Page
  2. If your problem falls under Tier 1 and you want it fixed sooner than 3 days, then look around on this website and find all the links for everything from printer setup to reseting your password.
  3. If your problem falls under Tier 2 and you do not hear from Michael Elmore by the end of the day, contact Thomas Shallow and email Michael Elmore directly via email.
  4. If your problem falls under Tier 3 and you do not hear from Michael Elmore within 2 hours, contact Michael Elmore and Thomas Shallow directly via email.

****IF MICHAEL ELMORE IS NOT AVAILABLE THEN CONTACT: Thomas Shallow at or at (303)724-4227.**************

  1. How do I connect to the Xerox on either the 8th or 9th floor? ---> How-To Videos
  2. How do I reset my University Password? ---> University Password Reset
  3. I emailed Mike (Michael Elmore) about an IT issue, but he is not responding --> Submit Ticket
  4. I have a weird email in my inbox and I opened it but now my computer is not responding?---> Submit Ticket and add Tier 3 in subject line
  5. I am looking at buying a new computer what should I do? ---> Submit a ticket and browse Newegg Business for computer suggestions you might want or like.
  6. My lab bought a printer and we connected it to the internet, but a week later it does not print? ---> Submit a ticket
  7. Faculty file storage at department level ---> Submit ticket and Mike will create an Owncloud account for you to back all your data up securely and easily.
  8. Lab file storage at department level --->Submit ticket and Mike will create a lab specific share that only you and your fellow lab members will have access to.
  9. I need antivirus installed on my computer---> Submit a ticket and Mike will come and install our department owned antivirus software.
  10. I need to install Microsoft Office on my department owned computer ---> Login to UCD Microsoft Page and download Microsoft Office, if you can't login, then Submit a Ticket to have Mike install Office on your computer.
  11. My computer crashed and I can not login to the support website: Contact Mike directly at and email Thomas Shallow at
  12. The department servers are down, so no support page or file storage is accessable: Don't panic, contact Thomas Shallow directly either through cell or email and then Michael Elmore will fix the issue. Odds are Michael Elmore already knows about it and is actively working on fixing the issue.

Michael Elmore: Immunology and Microbiology Department LAN Admin

  • Hours: Mon-Wed-Friday
  • Office 9117 RC1-North
Thomas Shallow: Immunology and Microbiology Department DFA, Go to Person if Mike is not available.
  • Office 9104 RC1-North
  • (303)724-4227

Jon (JC) Haller: Immunology and Microbiology Equipment and Facilities Manager
  • (303)724-4245

Hello all students and instructors of class Immu 7662.

Below are links to all IT related resources.

IT Ticket Request Support Page

OneDrive Use for Students of Immu 7662

OneDrive Video:

Mike Elmore: IT Support:

Mellodee Phillips: Program Coordinator: