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​One of the key findings of the GMAT Corporate Recruiters 2012 Survey was:  

“When selecting which job candidates to interview from business schools, recruiters most often consider the candidates' previous work experience. The top three criteria include: job function, industry, and years of work experience. Furthermore, 27 percent of recruiters consider internships as a primary factor in deciding to interview a job candidate.” Read more

The GCC provides an active and targeted employer outreach program yielding internship and full time employment opportunities.

CareerConnect - new job bank and recruiting system

You are making a great investment in your career by attending the University of Colorado Denver Business School MBA/MS program.  Make another great investment in yourself by taking advantage of a new career platform that has been licensed by the Business School's Graduate Career Connections department. CareerConnect should be your first stop on your internship and full-time position search.  It is both a Job Bank and a Recruiting System.  You can create your profile, upload your most recent resume, and tell us about your areas of specialization and interest.  Let us know your goals for internships and full time positions. As positions become available, we'll post them on the site and we'll reach out to you for positions that fit your area of specialization or interest. You can use the system to contact us for face-to-face appointments about your resume, LinkedIn profile, career strategy, and interviewing techniques. Let us help you make the most of your MBA/MS.

Career Connect



CareerConnect Student/Alumni Setup Tips

Check out additional internship and full-time position postings at the following sites

​Internships and​ Projects

While many graduate students already have experience in the business world, internships can still play a key role if you wish to change your job function, change industries, or simply gain more hands-on experience. 

As an intern, you gain workplace skills while extending your network. If you don’t have experience in your desired industry or role, you may find the transition from academics to work easier as a result of a targeted internship. 

Internships may come in many shapes and sizes: credit and non-credit; paid and unpaid.  Before taking an internship, consult your advisor to be sure that it fits both your career plan and your degree plan. 

Some companies offer short-term project work in lieu of traditional internships.  These projects may be paid or unpaid but generally never accrue credit. Consult the GCC to explore opportunities.

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