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The Experiential Learning Center (ELC) is committed to working closely with students, faculty, employers, and community partners to provide quality experiential learning opportunities that enhance academic learning, integrate theory and practice, and promote professional development and active citizenship. The ELC offers resources for internships, undergraduate research, and professional development experiences. 


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Tivoli Student Union #439
900 Auraria Parkway
Denver, CO 80204

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Campus Box 143, P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364

Phone: 303-315-7258
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Mon. - Fri., 8am - 5pm​​​​​


The Research and Creative Activities Symposium (RaCAS) 2019 was a success, with over 200 participating Student Researchers.

Students contributed to research in over five different disciplines and more than twenty received awards acknowledging their research accomplishments! Check out the students who received awards by clicking on the table on the right and read their abstracts below!
  • RaCAS 2019 Abstracts​

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 RACAS 2019 Award Winners


 Arts and Humanities

1st place:

  • ​Sharifa Moore, College of Arts and Media: “Contemporary Applications of the Cyanotype”
  • ​Emily Owens, College of Arts and Media: “What Are You Going to Do With 390 Photographs of Discarded Christmas Trees?”
2nd place:

  • Melissa Jacobi, College of Arts and Media: “The Importance of Children’s Picture Book Character Development and the Use of Anthropomorphism”
3rd place:
  • ​Samantha Manion, College of Arts and Media: “Rituals as Art”


 Social Sciences

1st place:

  • ​Lxandra Schlessma, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Co-Authors: Jamie Nguyen, Caesare Tamag: An LGBTQ+ inclusive campus is important for the well-being of students: Well-being predicts GPA positively”

2nd place:

  • ​Adam Vilanova-Goldstein, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: “Attentional Learning: Investigating the Effect of Intertrial Priming on the P300 in Visual Search”

3rd place:

  • ​Ashey Anaya, School of Public Affairs: “Education and Pedagogy in the United States Prisons: A Frame to Understand the Interlocking Systems of Oppression and its Impact on Criminal Justice Reform”

Honorable Mentions:

  • ​Amy Frers, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: “The Relationship Between Sleep and Opioids in Chronic Pain Patients”
  • ​Monique Silva-Montoya, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Co-Author: Contessa Young: “Meta-Analysis: MAYSI-2 Identification of Mental Health Needs Among Detained Youth”​


 Biomedical Sciences

1st place:
  • ​Tanja Kovacevic, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: “Probing the Dynamics of the Villin Headpiece Protein’s Subdomain HP-36”
2nd place:
  • ​Jazmyne Davis, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Co-Authors: Jennifer Jaime, Margaret Tanner: “Sex Differences in Voluntary Exercise”

3rd place:
  • ​Anne Lyons, College of Engineering, Design, and Computing: “Optimizing Electrospun Cardiac Patches for Prevascularization Using Polymer Composites”
  • ​Jonté Roberts, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Co-Author: Oniza Chaman: “Characterization of the Effects of Systemically Increasing Dopamine, Serotonin, and Noradrenaline Levels on the Valuation of Reward vs. Avoidance”

Honorable Mentions:
  • ​Ritesh Kashyap, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: “Sexual Dimorphism and the Scaling of Intrinsic Thumb Muscle Physiological Cross-Sectional Area and Trapeziometacarpal Joint Size”
  • Joseph Massey, College of Engineering, Design, and Computing; Co-Authors: Alyssa Salazar, Krishna Kumar, Sean Reilley: “A Device for Individuals with Quadriplegia to Independently Control Their Beds’ Orientation to Prevent Decubitus Ulcers and Alleviate Pain”
  • ​Nicolette Moya, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Co-Authors: Abigail Smith, Margaret Tanner, Aleezah Balolia, Jazmyne Davis: “The Role of mTOR Signaling in Enhanced Fear Extinction Produced by Acute, Voluntary Exercise”
  • ​Debra Szuster, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: “A Novel Approach to Resolving the Brachial Index Issue of AL 288-1 (“Lucy”) Using 3D Computer Models of Hominid Forelimb Bones”

 Natural Sciences

1st place:
  • ​Owen Berg, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Co-authors: Murina Lantz, Michael Kain, Andrew Boddicker, Ashley Luntsford: “Newly Discovered and Ubiquious Nitrogen Cycling Microbe is Resilient to Diverse Environmental Changes”

2nd place:
  • ​Manaal Dalwadi, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: “Consequences of Warming Climates for the Development and Population Growth of an Important Forest Pest”

3rd place:
  • ​Baris Aydintug, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: “Proton Transport in E. coli CLC Transport Protein by Adaptive QM/MM Dynamics Simulations”
  • ​Richard Jones, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: “Morphology of Male Abdominal Ctenidia in North American Camel Spiders”

 Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

1st place:
  • ​Samantha Butler, College of Engineering, Design, and Computing: “Automatic Classification of Calcifications and Masses in Breast Mammograms Using Deep Neural Networks”
2nd place:
  • ​Haylie Helms, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: “A Shocking Presentation of Coronary Artery Disease: An Inside Look from the Susan Potter Dataset”
3rd place:
  • ​Team HyperLynx: Andrew Gras, Wencil Stanek, Aaron Zapiler, Bejan Akhaven, Omran Haghegh, Jong Shin, College of Engineering, Design, and Computing: “HyperLynx”

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