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High-Tech / Entrepreneurial Marketing | MS in Marketing

Should you pursue the Specialization in High Tech Entrepreneurial Marketing? Do you have a strong interest in high tech marketing? Do you plan to manage your own small business, create your own Start-Up, or build your own Empire?

What Career Paths are available for Specialists in High Tech Entrepreneurial Marketing? Entrepreneur, High Tech Sales Management, Marketing Manager for High Tech Businesses, Marketing Consultant for Start-Up businesses


Core Courses

  • Marketing Dynamics in the 21st Century (formerly Marketing Management)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Challenges at the Global Frontier
  • Marketing Strategies for Service Dominant Firms
  • Marketing Research Analytics I
  • Consumer Intelligence - Psychology & Behavior
  • Marketing Intelligence & Metrics

Specialization Courses

  • ENTP6842 New Concept Development
  • Entrepreneurship List
  • Choose Any MKTG 6*** Course different from the Core or Specialization Requirements
    OR Customize The Marketing Apprentice (High Tech/ENTP Marketing focus)1

1Students must obtain Director approval to complete this course. Students are responsible to find a company to host their Apprenticeship. Students should begin to network early in the program to find a relevant apprenticeship opportunity.

Non-Core Marketing 6000 Courses include topics such as:

  • The Marketing Apprenticeship – Customized for Student’s Specialization
  • The Alpha “Marketeer” – Power, Persuasion, & Politics
  • Brand Identity & Marketing Communications Strategy
  • Customer Relationship Management in a Big Data World
  • Digital Marketing Communication
  • Hot Topics & Trends in Marketing
  • Marketing & Global Sustainability
  • Marketing Research Analytics II
  • Social Media, Brand Personality, & Brand Tribes
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Entrepreneurship List

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • New Venture Operations and Project Management
  • Legal and Ethical Issues of Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate for Entrepreneurs
  • Business Plan and Seed Financing

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