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Global Marketing | MS in Marketing

Should you pursue the Specialization in Global Marketing? Are you interested in a Marketing Management career with firms that have a strong orientation toward global markets?

What Career Paths are available for Specialists in Global Marketing? Global Marketing Management, Marketing Director with Global Businesses, CMO for a Global organization, International Marketing Consultant, Global Sales Consultant, Sales Manager for International Markets.


Core Courses

  • Marketing Dynamics in the 21st Century (formerly Marketing Management)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Challenges at the Global Frontier
  • Marketing Strategies for Service Dominant Firms
  • Marketing Research Analytics I
  • Consumer Intelligence - Psychology & Behavior
  • Marketing Intelligence & Metrics

Specialization Courses

  • Choose 2 courses from the Global List
  • Choose Any MKTG 6*** Course different from the Core or Specialization Requirements
    OR Customize The Marketing Apprentice (Global Marketing Focus)1

1Students must obtain Director approval to complete this course. Students are responsible to find a company to host their Apprenticeship. Students should begin to network early in the program to find a relevant apprenticeship opportunity.

Non-Core Marketing 6000 Courses include topics such as:

  • The Marketing Apprenticeship – Customized for Student’s Specialization
  • The Alpha “Marketeer” – Power, Persuasion, & Politics
  • Brand Identity & Marketing Communications Strategy
  • Customer Relationship Management in a Big Data World
  • Digital Marketing Communication
  • Hot Topics & Trends in Marketing
  • Marketing & Global Sustainability
  • Marketing Research Analytics II
  • Social Media, Brand Personality, & Brand Tribes
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Global List:

  • Any INTB 6000 or higher
  • Any travel study offered by the Business School
  • MKTG 6830 Marketing and Global Sustainability
  • Any ENTP 6000 or higher with a Global Orientation

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