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Master of Science in Marketing (MS), University of Colorado Denver Business School, CU Denver

Business School, University of Colorado Denver

Degree Requirements | MS in Marketing

The MS in Marketing degree is designed to provide the skill set necessary for you to succeed in middle (e.g., brand manager, advertising account executive) and upper level (e.g., CMO) positions; and for those who work with an organization's markets (e.g., customer service or operations).

MS in Marketing Courses

The MS in Marketing may include courses in subjects such as:

  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Services Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • International Marketing
  • Buyer Behavior
  • Marketing Metrics and Dashboards​

We recommend a marketing-related internship, especially if you are making a career change or don't have previous experience in marketing.

Build Your Own Degree

You may customize your MS in Marketing degree by completing three marketing electives.  A sample of your choices may include subjects such as:

  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Brand Identity
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Strategic Product Marketing 
  • Internet Marketing 
  • Marketing in China
  • Marketing and Sustainability
  • A Marketing Study Abroad Course
  • A Marketing Internship


Please see the course catalog for course descriptions.​​​​​​​

Brand Management and Marketing Communications

​​Are you interested in a career in advertising, promotions, or public relations? How about furthering your career in marketing management? Advertising, promotion, and public relations managers are creative, highly-motivated individuals who are flexible and yet can meet a deadline. You will need good verbal and written communication skills and the ability to work well with people. Similar talents are needed by those involved with brand management. This task is central to all marketers, especially those involved with perceptual positioning and the deliverance of positions in a target market (e.g., those working in any phase of market communication and R&D) The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, because of the high visibility of these positions, these managers are often prime candidates for top C-level positions. The job outlook remains promising but competition will be keen and the best opportunities will go to those with an MS in Marketing or an MS Marketing /MBA dual degree.

Global Marketing

One of the growing themes of the 21st century economy is the growth of world trade. There is continuing demand for individuals who understand the how to conduct marketing across many different international environments as well as rapidly growing areas such as China and the emerging markets. This specialization prepares you to effectively compete and succeed in this environment.​​

High-Tech/Entrepreneurial Marketing

The American economy was built on a spirit of innovation, hard work and entrepreneurship, and this is surely going to be the path that assures continued American dominance in the technology and business development fields. Most smart innovators know that, in addition to the financial and managerial aspects of a business, it is the marketing function that often makes the difference between success and failure. Whether your interest is in corporate entrepreneurship, and the development of high technology oriented innovations, or individual entrepreneurship and the development of a small business with minimal funds, knowing how to create and implement appropriate marketing strategies is fundamental to achieving your goals. This specialization allows you to focus on the type of new business creation path that best suits your aspirations while greatly enhancing your endeavor’s probability of success. If you aspire to be the next Bill Gates, this is a "must take" degree path for you.

Social Media Marketing

Are you interested in a degree that blends web development and application strategies with marketing? This, then, is the specialization for you. This specialization covers all aspects of internet marketing including the functions associated with web sites for marketing communication and customer support, one-to-one communication to many different receiving devices, marketing via social networks, consumer behavior insights based on offline and online data combination, inventory optimization through CRM-SCM integration, and a focus on ROI and associated performance metrics. With internet marketing poised to take off globally, especially in developing countries where consumers may not have access to the latest products in local stores, this is indeed the wave of the future.

Marketing and Sustainability

The world has changed. More than ever, companies around the globe need to introduce smart, sustainable brands to lead the way into the future. The strong core of MS Marketing courses will give you the skills to become an effective marketing manager, while the specialized set of sustainability courses will give you the knowledge to work toward a better tomorrow. The sustainability courses will focus on the triad of economic, environmental, and social sustainable development.

Marketing Research

Marketing and survey researchers gather information about what people think, measure customer satisfaction and repurchase intentions, help companies decide what goods and services to offer and at what price, and detect up-and-coming trends. Marketing researchers need good quantitative skills, strong analytical skills, and a good understanding of marketing and buyer behavior. Many of our alumni got their starts in marketing research positions. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment is expected to grow faster than average with the best job opportunities for those with an MS Marketing degree.

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

The sports business industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in the U.S. Add to that the burgeoning music, film, theater, television, cable, and other entertainment industries and you've got virtually limitless choices. Every one of those industries needs good marketers. The strong core of marketing courses in the MS Marketing program will give you the skills you need to hit the ground running with the specialized courses to teach you how to tailor your skills to the unique needs of the sports and entertainment industries.


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