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MS in Information Systems: Cyber Security and Information Assurance

MS in Information Systems: Cyber Security and Information Assurance

With recent breaches in the security of many large government agencies and private corporations, cyber security is an issue of great importance to the global society. As corporations depend on digital solutions in new product development – from consumer shopping and payment systems to driverless cars – the consequence of an electronic security breach will become more severe in the future. 

According to Governor Hickenlooper; Colorado has a large role in cybersecurity, particularly given its entrepreneurial focus, since small businesses typically cannot afford expensive security solutions that may be accessible to large corporations. 

The goal of this specialization supports and enhances the cyber security of enterprises such as banks, governments, retail, health care institutions, law enforcement, construction, insurance agencies, transportation and the military. 

Naturally, organizations cannot outsource this protection but have to have loyal and trustworthy employees trained in this discipline. Hence, this area is likely to enjoy an ever-growing demand — and commensurate job opportunities — in the foreseeable future.

From MSN Money (July 8, 2917): The $80,000 entry-level tech job American students are mostly ignoring​​

From the Denver Post (Oct. 19, 2016): Tech industry ponders how to fill Colorado’s 10,000 cybersecurity job openings​​

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Cyber Security and Information Assurance Requirements​

You may take classes in subjects such as

  • Internet and Mobile Technologies
  • Information Systems Security and Privacy
  • Securing the Enterprise
  • Protecting the Enterprise
  • Protecting Information Assets
  • Security Information Assets

Cyber Security and​ Information Assurance Electives

You may take classes in subjects such as
  • Accounting and Information Systems Processes and Controls
  • Auditing Theory
  • Cyber Risk Management & Cyber Warfare
  • Database Management Systems
  • Digital Forensic Analysis
  • Information Systems Management and Strategy
  • Intrusion Detection and Incident Response
  • IT Governance and Service Management
  • Introduction to voice and data security

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