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Colorado School of Public Health

Books & Chapters

Global Child Health Advocacy: On the Front Lines, a recently published book tells the inspiring tale of pediatricians who recognized serious clinical issues around the world and made it their life’s work to address them. “These are stories of pediatricians who refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer when it comes to children and families,” says Steve Berman, MD, co-author of the book and Director of the Center for Global Health. To purchase, click here.


Sexuality and New Technologies

Sheana Bull, PhD, Professor and Chair in Community and Behavioral Health at the Colorado School of Public Health and Senior Investigator, Center for Global Health contributed to the book; APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology, Volume 1: Person Based Approaches.  Dr. Bull's expertise in technology and health lead to her invitation to write the chapter, Sexuality and New Technologies. To purchase, click here.


Social Vulnerability to Disasters

Deborah Thomas, PhD, Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver and Affiliated Partner, Center for Global Health was the main editor of the book, as well as co-wrote chapters.


John Brett, PhD, Associate Professor in Anthropology at the University of Colorado Denver and Senior Investigator, Center for Global Health contributed to the book; Social Vulnerability to Disasters, 2nd Edition. He contributed and co-wrote two chapters. To purchase, click here.


News & Publications

In the News
  • Center for Global Health Senior Investigator Daniel Olson, MD, provided some perspective on the risk of Zika to pregnant women living in Florida in this piece from SheKnows, a women's lifestyle media platfform.
  • Research Behind Global Switch to New Polio Vaccine Strategy Released in The Lancet. Gates Foundation-funded study was led by Edwin Asturias, MD, Director of Latin American Projects at Center for Global Health; May 2016.  Learn moreSee the CCTV America interview.
  • Center for Global Health Director Stephen Berman, MD, FAAP, co-led a delegation of physicians from Children's Hospital Colorado and University of Colorado School of Medicine to Havana, Cuba in February, 2016. This exchange of ideas and medical advancements is the first of its kind since diplomatic relations between the Cuba and the U.S. normalized in 2015. This story was picked up by the Denver Post (before and after the trip), FOX 31 News, Cuba Journal, and the CU Newsroom.
  • Guatemala clinic is expanding rapidly, changing lives.  The new Director for the Center for Human Development, Tony Bolanos, MD is seeing more patients than he ever imagined. Get up to date information on the latest at the clinic in el Trinifio Guatemala.  Read the story.
  • Nairobi n​ewspaper, The Star, published an article on the Pediatrics in Disasters Course that was recently held in Kenya. The article describes how Kenyan pediatricians will use the training to mobilize health planning in their communities. Click here to read the story.​
  • Global Emergency Medicine Literature Review (GEMLR) Editorial Board has named the article, “Pediatrics in disasters: evaluation of a global training program” one of the best global emergency medicine papers of 2014. The article was co-authored by Steve Berman, MD, FAAP, Director of the Center for Global Health, and Course Director for all Pediatrics in Disasters trainings held around the world. Click here to read the literature review.​




          The below articles of interest are listed by last name of an author.  The author is a core faculty member of the Center for Global Health.


 Articles of Interest:


 Lowe, Nancy

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 Abuogi, Lisa

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 Asturias, Edwin

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 Berman, Stephen

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 Brett, John

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​Jessica Cook, Kate Oviatt, Deborah Main, Harpreet Kaur, John Brett, Re-Conceptualizing Urban Agriculture: an Exploration of Farming along the Banks of the Yamuna River in Delhi, India. Agriculture and Human Values 32 (X): xx-xx (accepted and published online), 2014.

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 Bull, Sheana

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 Bunik Maya

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 Campbell, Thomas

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