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Social Justice
Contact Info

Jordan Hill

Program Director
Jordan Hill, Ph.D.
Master of Humanities/Master of Social Science (MHMSS) Program
Phone: 303-315-3566
Office: Student Commons 3303

Campus Box 127
PO Box 173364
Denver, CO 80217-3364


Social Justice Program

The Social Justice Program is home to the Social Justice Minor and organizes innovative community and campus events to address the pressing social and economic issues of the 21st century.

The Social Justice Minor is designed for students who are passionate about being engaged citizens and effecting change locally and globally. To this end, students will be exposed to global perspectives on social movements, conflict resolution, environmental stewardship, critical theory, and grassroots organizing.  Earning a Social Justice Minor will make students competitive for graduate school as well as for jobs in NGOs, public health, political office, community leadership, and in the ever-increasing number of modern corporations that seek employees who are committed to sustainable and ethical vocations.


The Social Justice Program works to connect our campus to the Front Range community through internships, collaborative research with local partners, and by hosting speakers, trainings, and events that promote transformative dialogue and intellectual growth. We create learning opportunities that emphasize an integrated understanding the social, political, economic, and cultural dimensions of the major challenges facing humanity in the new millennium.  By cultivating engaged and informed citizens, we seek to create future leaders who will have the skills and knowledge necessary to effect meaningful change.

Social Justice Minor Declaration Form


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$1000 Social Justice Activist Scholarship!!!

Administered by the Social Justice Program


The Social Justice Activist Scholarship is designed to support Social Justice Minors who are actively engaged in efforts to support positive social change in areas of social justice, such as environmental sustainability, human rights, peace, gender and racial justice, GLBTQ rights, and economic justice. If eligible Social Justice Minors are not in the applicant pool by the  submission deadline, non-minors meeting the criteria below will be considered. See the application form for more details.​ Please contact Social Justice Director, Dr. Jordan Hill,​ with questions about applying for the scholarship at 

 2017 SJUS Scholarship Application.docx2017 SJUS Scholarship Application.docx


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