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Chancellor Roy Wilson

P.O. Box 173364 Denver, Colorado 80217-3364

Phone: (303) 556-2400

Fax: (303) 556-2403


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Here is a simple example of a cue sheet holder. I've arrived at this iteration of carrying cue sheets after using several commercially available map holders of all shapes and sizes. This cue sheet holder works well for me, it is easy to make, and it is affordable. If you don't want to make your own holder, this example might not be for you. There are many commercially available map holders that your local bike shop can access.

Following techno music is a little like following the stock market or playing fantasy baseball: There's a major emphasis on what or who's hot at any given moment. Fans sniff out gems, report on hot streaks, predict hot streaks. Just like anything based on speculating, things can change quickly; there are market forces at work. More so than most of her peers, Ellen Allien is in control of her own stock. She's a career artist-- in addition to her music, she runs Bpitch Control and a fashion label-- and her moves are large and purposeful. This has occasionally led to releases that felt calculated-- 2008's Sool was her "minimal" album-- but in sum have made Allien worth tracking through a career, not just through a particularly creative stretch. Dust, Allien's latest album, again redefines her, this time as a melancholy techno-pop songwriter with interests well outside her Berlin techno sphere.