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CLAS Policies, Forms & Procedures

Student Petitions for Exceptions to Policy


The CLAS Academic Standards Committee is responsible for the administration of the academic policies of the college as established by the faculty. This committee constitutes the bridge between the faculty in its legislative capacity and the students upon whom the legislation comes to bear. The committee is empowered to grant waivers of exemptions from and exceptions to the academic policies of the college.

Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may appeal a grade. Every attempt is made to resolve grade disputes at the department level. However, unresolved grade issues may be appealed to the CLAS Academic Standards Committee and initiated through the CLAS Advising Office, NC 2024, 303-556-2555. Details of the grade appeal policies are available in the CLAS Advising Office.

The Office of Records and Registration establishes deadlines each semester for registering, adding courses, dropping courses, selecting the pass/fail option, and withdrawing from the university. Students seeking to waive these deadlines must petition the associate dean of the college. Instructions for deadline petitions are available from the CLAS Advising Office.