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CLAS Policies, Forms & Procedures

Official Functions

Prior to holding an official function, please review the official function policy to ensure that your function falls under the definition of a university official function and is allowable.

Functions Without Alcohol

Official functions with total expenses of $100 or more require the official function form. Total expenses should include the cost of items such as food, space rental, awards, decorations, etc. The form should be completed and signed prior to the function. The department chair provides the authorizing signature for functions $100 to $499 (and less than $50 per person). Functions which are $500 or more (and/or $50 or more per person) require two additional signatures, one from the Deans’ office and one from the Associate Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance.

The original official function form with authorizing signatures should be retained in the department in the event of an audit. For payments processed by the Procurement Service Center, copies of the official function form must be sent with invoices and/or payment vouchers associated with the event. For expenses paid by acard, a copy of the official function form must be kept with payment documentation and attached to the acard monthly transaction statement.

Functions With Alcohol

Similar guidelines apply for functions with alcohol. However, there are a few differences. Approval is required for all functions involving alcohol regardless of dollar amount. Official functions involving alcohol require authorization via the alcohol purchase authorization form instead of the official function form. In addition, departments must have a special gift account established that allows for alcohol expenses. The same signatures required for non-alcohol official functions are required for functions with alcohol. In addition, the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance must sign. She will not retroactively sign forms for events that have already occurred. The form must be routed to her at least two weeks prior to the event. Keep in mind that reimbursements for alcohol cannot be processed without her signature on the alcohol purchase authorization form. Only alcohol purchases associated with recruitment meals may be reimbursed using a payment voucher. All other alcohol purchases require a standing purchase order or purchase order. The acard cannot be used for alcohol purchases.

When alcohol is being served, a university employee must be designated as a sponsor or event manager for the event. The sponsor or event manager is responsible for knowing and abiding by the Risk Assessment for Serving Alcoholic Beverages.

Fundraising Event

Fundraising events fall under different guidelines and procedures. If you have any questions regarding fundraising events, please contact the Fundraising Events Compliance Coordinator in the system controller’s office.

Please feel free to contact JoAnn Porter if you have additional official function questions.