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CLAS Policies, Forms & Procedures

Gifts Certificates, Gift Cards & Money Orders Used for Research Subject Payments

Complete both forms and return to the CLAS deans' office:

Request for Gift Card Purchase Authorization (Form A) .doc

Statement of Responsibility (Form B) .doc

Research projects at UCD may utilize gift cards, gift certificates or money orders to compensate study participants. Before gift cards may be distributed to study subject participants, prior approval from the Finance Office is required. Additionally, each study must have written procedures in place that provide for the proper safeguarding of gift cards.

Prior approval is obtained by completing gift card form A and B and routing the forms to the deans' office for approval. Once the deans' office has approved the forms, they should be routed to the campus finance office for further processing and approval. Once finance office approval notification has been received, the cards can be purchased.

Policy: UCD Gift Certificates-Cards Policy (pdf)