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Faculty & Staff Resources

New Faculty & Staff Resources for Getting Started



For full-time faculty, visiting faculty, instructors and professional research assistants, see Heather Sours in the CLAS Dean’s Office, for paperwork to complete, including W-4, I-9, employee information sheet, payroll information, direct deposit, and all other personnel forms. Note: For honorarium, teaching assistants, research assistants, or graduate assistants, see the program assistant. Be sure to get the form authorizing a campus ID.


Benefits packets with enrollment forms can be obtained at New Employee Orienation or from the Human Resources office. These must be completed soon after you arrive on campus – you should check the exact date. Make an appointment to discuss your options. Note that even if you do not want to enroll for health care insurance, there are still other benefits like minimal life insurance for which you must provide information.


Obtain Faculty ID in the Tivoli Building, Room 243. Make sure that the appropriate title, i.e. full-time faculty is included on your ID. You need your ID for many other dealings on campus, so get it as soon as possible.


For parking options on campus, go to Parking and Transportation Services to get current permit information. Parking on campus is fairly limited and during the semester it can be difficult to find a parking spot. Lot L is designated for staff and faculty, but you must be put on a waiting list in your department. This parking fee is priced per semester. There are also lots (not limited to staff/faculty) where you can park for a daily fee.


If you are interested in riding the light rail or bus, you can obtain an EcoPass for the RTD system from Parking and Transportation Services. You will need to sign a form which authorizes a monthly payroll deduction for the EcoPass. A sticker is affixed to your ID.


The departmental program assistant must submit a key request. Once the keys are ready, you must go in person to the Facilities Management Building to pick them up and you must show ID.


You will not have a key to the building. Late at night and on Sunday evenings Auraria campus buildings are locked. If you think that you will need access to the North Classroom at odd times, you will need to request a building access code. To do this, the chair of your department must sign a request as well as the person who is in charge of access to your building. If the departmental administrative assistant does not know who this is, contact the locksmith and they can give you the name. To obtain the code, you need to call the locksmith and make an appointment. You must go in person to the Facilities Management Building and show ID.


Have the departmental program assistant put in a work order to activate the phone line in your office if the line is not already active. At the same time, have her/him request voicemail for you (also a telephone and campus phonebook, if necessary). If you have questions, contact Voice Communications, 6- 4528. Once voicemail is set up, enter 6-2500 to access it. If you are at your own phone, simply press # and then your security code. The code for a newly set-up voicemail account is # -- . You will automatically be prompted to change your security code. There are further directions in the campus phonebook.


On campus, you will need to get the access code from your departmental administrative assistant for making long distance telephone calls. Enter 9, 1 and then the long distance number. You will hear a beeping sound or dial tone and then you dial the code.


Get a code for your departmental copy machine from the program assistant so that you can make copies.

REQUEST COMPUTER ACCOUNT: You can download the request form for a computer account, or you can pick one up from the Information Technology Services (ITS) helpdesk. The ITS Website includes a lot of very useful information, such as software downloads, lab locations, answers to frequently asked questions, and much, much more.


The people who work in the ITS office are incredibly helpful. To set up the computer on the network, set up your e-mail, or load software simply call the ITS Helpdesk. Someone from ITS arrange a time to do the work. Onsite service for our campus is centrally funded, therefore labor costs are not charged to the departments. Basic software, like Microsoft Office and a virus-checker (which is highly recommended if you don't already have one on your computer) will be part of the software ITS installs as part of the basic setup. Your department will need to purchase licenses for any extra software you'll need. Don't forget to have ITS install the departmental printer if it is not already on your computer and/or you don't have one of your own.


You have the option to access the campus network from home in two way. 1) Using your high-speed Internet service you use VPN to establish a secure connection. 2) If you do not have high-speed Internet service, you can dial in to the campus modem pool. For either service, the Help Desk can provide instructions for setting up and connecting via your personal computer. Call them at 303-315-4357.


If you are interested in setting up a web page, there are instructions on-line at There are even predesigned templates to make it easy. After creating your web pages, you will need to ftp them to your personal directory at If you are unfamiliar with creating web pages, the CLAS webmaster provides basic support for faculty.


Once you have your faculty ID, you will be able to check out books from the library. If you are not already in the computer, they will set up your account for you with your ID. The library has a great website describing all of the services offered. You can also search the catalogs on-line!


These take a bit of time to get, but are worthwhile. With a Student Information System (SIS) account you will be able to obtain up-to-date class lists, as well as e-mail addresses of students via a web interface. Be aware that once your account has been approved and activated, your logon information is sent to the person listed on the request form as your supervisor, not directly to you.


Once you have your phone number and e-mail address, you can request business cards – the departmental program assistant has the form.


Staff and faculty can obtain access to the fitness center, including basketball courts, racquetball courts, swimming pool, weight room, and aerobic classes for $110/academic year. You can also rent a locker for $5/semester. Campus Recreation has a website for more information.


Contact the Auraria Early Learning Center, 303-556-3188.


You should check to make sure that the textbooks you requested for your classes have arrived and that there are enough books for the number of students enrolled in the class. The Auraria Book Center is in the Tivoli.


Resource Number Location
Auraria Book Center 6-4286 Tivoli 2nd floor
Campus Recreation 6-3210 PER Events Center, Rm 108
Information & Technology Services (ITS) 303-315-4357 Lawrence Street Center , Rm 1350
Facilities Management (keys) 6-3260 1156 7th St. (SW from Parking & Transportation Center)
Human Resources 303-315-2700 Lawrence Street Center , Rm 1050
ID card 6-8385 Tivoli 243
Joy Breeze, CLAS Dean's Office 6-2558 CU Building, Rm 110L
Library 6-2805 located off the Lawrence Street Mall across from the PER Center
Locksmith 6-4296 1156 7th St. in Facilities Management Building
Parking Services 6-2000 SE corner of the Parking & Transportation Center
Voice Communications 303-315-4357 Lawrence Street Center, Rm 1350