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Faculty Resources

Post Tenure Review


Every five years tenured faculty must undergo post-tenure review. One of two review processes is mandated:

Regular Review

Those faculty members who have received summary evaluations of “meeting expectations” or better on their Annual Performance Rating sheets over the past five years or have received a single “below expectations” evaluation over the past five years undergo “regular review.”

The “regular review” process takes place during the spring semester. The CLAS Dean's office will notify faculty members up for post-tenure review and the Chairs of those departments during March. The post-tenure review files are due in May.

The dossier should be reviewed by the Department Chair, who writes a letter evaluating the faculty member’s productivity and contributions to the University in teaching, research, and service and an assessment of the faculty member's plans for the future described in his/her professional plan. When the Chair of a department is up for review, a senior faculty member should write the letter. The dossier is submitted to the dean's office for a college-level review.

Extensive Review

Faculty members who have received two “below expectations” evaluations must undergo “extensive review” as soon as the second “below expectations” rating is received and the appeals process is completed. Extensive reviews require the creation of a "Performance Improvement Plan" IPIA) specifying what improvements will be made.

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