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Managing a Course

Wait Lists

Because many courses fill quickly, students are encouraged to sign up for wait lists during registration when they find a course is full. Faculty are encouraged to allow waitlisted students to attend class until waitlists are dropped at midnight on the Monday of the second week of classes. This practice allows students who get enrolled from the waitlist to be in sync with the class. Consult the Academic Calendar for published deadlines each term.

Getting on a Wait list

Students may request to be placed on a waitlist through S.M.A.R.T. if a desired course if full AND the department has determined that a waitlist will be offered for the course. Getting on a waitlist does not guarantee enrollment in the course, but waitlists have proven to be a very effective tool for students wishing to register in full classes.

Students cannot be enrolled and/or waitlisted for courses offered at the same time and cannot be enrolled/waitlisted for two sections of the same course (except in the case of Special Topics courses).

Getting Enrolled from a Wait List

Waitlists are maintained during registration and through the first week of classes. Faculty cannot manually override students from these waitlists into courses. At midnight on Monday of the second week of class, waitlists are eliminated and students on them are dropped from the class. During the second week of classes, the instructor has the authority to manually add students and override the course limit. Before doing so, however, the instructor should research the classroom capacity to ensure that course enrollment does not exceed the room capacity.

Dropping Converted Courses

If students are automatically enrolled in a course from a waitlist, but does not wish to take the course, he/she must drop the course according to the published university deadlines. Students will be billed for tuition if they are enrolled in the course - even if they did not attend.