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Supporting Students

Drop/Add/Withdraw Procedures

Consult the Academic Calendar for published deadlines each term.

An open rescheduling period

Students are typically allowed 7 days after courses begin to adjust their schedules (ending Monday on the second week of classes) During this time students can add and drop courses without instructor involvement and without financial penalties.

A Limited Rescheduling Period

Typically, from the second week into the term until the drop/add deadline (census date), students may drop and add courses. Dropping courses continues without instructor involvement, though students pay a $100 drop charge. Adding courses requires the instructor's signature on a Schedule Adjustment Form.

The Drop/Add Deadline (Census Date)

In Fall and Spring, this deadline typically falls 12 working days into the term. After this date, courses cannot be added.

Last Day to:

  • DROP full-term courses with tuition adjustment. Drop charges apply.
  • After this date, dropped courses require instructor’s approval and will appear on your transcript.
  • Add full term courses (except thesis, independent study and internships). After this date, student will be charged the full tuition amount for additional course(s) added. College Opportunity Fund hours will not be deducted from eligible student’s lifetime hours.
  • Withdraw from the term. After this date, complete withdrawal (all courses dropped) requires the signature of your dean using a Schedule Adjustment Form (no tuition adjustment). Signature of financial aid required if student has financial aid (loans, grants, or scholarships).
  • Request a No Credit grade for a course.
  • Request a Pass/Fail grade for a course.
  • Register as candidate for degree.
  • Last day to apply for fall graduation.
  • Petition for reduction in dissertation hours.
  • Submit faculty/staff waiver forms.
Final Drop/Withdraw Deadline

This key deadline typically lands at ten weeks into the Fall and Spring term (shorter time frame in Summer and for module classes). To drop a course after this deadline requires the student to petition and receive special approval from his/her dean. This means that a student majoring in another college, but taking your CLAS course must petition the dean in his/her college, not the CLAS dean's office.

Important to Remember
  • Permission to drop a course is at the instructor's discretion.
  • It is the student's responsibility to acquire the Special Processing Form and present it to the instructor for approval. After obtaining the instructor's signature, the student should submit the completed form to the CLAS advising office for dean's approval and then to the registrar.
  • Courses dropped after the drop/add deadline will appear on the student's transcript with a grade notation of "W."
  • The Dean's Office and the Registrar's Office may initiate an "Administrative Drop" for a number of reasons.
  • Auditing courses is allowed with the instructor's approval.
  • The census date deadline does not apply to independent study, thesis, project or internship credit.