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Managing a Course

Class Lists

Ensuring that students are registered

While it is ultimately the student's responsibility for accurate registration and tuition payment, faculty also have an obligation to ensure that students are accurately registered in their classes. Faculty must not allow students to participate in courses unless they are officially registered.

Student registration can be verified through the official class roster or class list. To minimize problems with student registration and end of semester grades, faculty are encouraged to check the official class rosters several times at the beginning of the semester. Faculty should not rely on student attendance and participation (class list generated by passing around a sheet of paper) as an indication of official registration. Faculty who teach slashed courses (4000/5000 for example) must pay particular attention that each student is registered for proper course level.

Class Roster Access

Up-to-date class rosters for UC Denver registration (excludes MSCD enrollment) are available through the CU-SIS system. Faculty members have access to the courses they are teaching through their faculty portal, where they can view and print their own rosters.

To learn more about the functionality of the CU-​SIS Faculty Center and how to use certain features, an online training course is also available through the faculty portal. Find out more about training here​.​​​