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Faculty Resources

Course & Curriculum Development

Course and curriculum development in CLAS originates with our faculty at the departmental and/or program level. Once proposals are developed and approved at that level, they are forwarded for review at the college level – including the Educational Policies and Curriculum Committee, (for all course and curriculum proposals), and further review (for some curriculum proposals) by the CLAS Budget Priorities Committee, the CLAS Council, the CLAS Council of Chairs, etc.

Submissions to the Educational Policies and Curriculum Committee (EPCC)

The EPCC typically meets once per month in September, October, November, February, March and April to review course and curriculum proposals. Meeting dates and submission deadlines will be announced each semester through Dean's Notes and emails to department chairs and program directors. Proposals should be submitted to the appropriate CLAS Dean's Office liaison.​ 

The AY 2016-2017 EPCC meeting schedule and corresponding deadlines is as follows:


  • Meeting  8/31/2016

​​​​​​Curriculum proposals:  8/17/2016

Course proposals:  8/24/2016


  • Meeting   9/28/2016

Curriculum proposals:  9/14/2016

Course proposals:  9/21/2016


  • Meeting   10/26/2016

Curriculum proposals:  10/12/2016

Course proposals:  10/19/2016


  • Meeting  11/30/2016

Curriculum proposals:  11/16/2016

Course proposals:  11/23/2016


  • Meeting   2/22/2017

Curriculum proposals:  2/8/2017

Course proposals:  2/15/2017


  • Meeting   3/29/2017

Curriculum proposals:  3/15/2017

Course proposals:  3/22/2017


  • Meeting   4/26/2017

Curriculum proposals:  4/19/2017

Course proposals:  4/12/20167

Curriculum Proposal materials must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the scheduled EPCC meeting

Course Proposal/Revision materials must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the scheduled EPCC meeting

Department chairs and program directors will be informed of EPCC decisions after each meeting.