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The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences provides opportunities, leadership, and administrative support for faculty and staff to grow in their scholarly and professional work.

CLAS supports the mechanisms and processes for research, teaching, working with students and conducting the day-to-day business of managing the college’s academic units.

Use the resources available here to support your scholarly efforts and to network for professional and academic development.


CLAS News from Deans' Notes

CLAS Deans' Notes Spotlight | February 19, 2015

Communication hosting three visiting scholars from China

The Department of Communication is pleased to be hosting three Visiting Scholars from China this year: Yufang “Sarah” Zhang from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and Ke “Rick” Li and Shukang “Tina” Li from Shandong University in Weihai. Professors Sarah Zhang and Rick Li specialize in rhetorical theory and criticism, while Professor Tina Li explores second language acquisition. Their offices are located on the third floor, southeast side, of the Student Commons Building, just next to the Department of Communication’s new media editing laboratory. Please join us extending our visiting scholars a warm welcome!

Political Science hosting a Carnegie Research Fellowship visiting professor

Through the spring semester, Political Science is hosting a visiting scholar, funded by the Carnegie Research Fellowship Program: Jenny Paturyan is Assistant Director of the Turpanjian Center for Policy Analysis in the Political Science and International Affairs Program at the American University of Armenia.  Her fields of specialization include democratization of the post-communist region, with a special focus on political corruption.   Her Carnegie research grant allowed her to choose from many possible U.S. host universities, and she choose to work at CU Denver partly to collaborate with Political Science Professor Christoph Stefes on research into international donor support for anti-corruption projects in Armenia.  While at CU Denver, she will provide guest lecturers in classes, brown bag presentations, and a public lecture.

Fields on changing landscape of youth athletics

“One thing we are seeing nationwide over the last few years is schools have been much more aware of, and reactive to, anything that falls under the broad category of bullying,” said Sarah K. Fields, Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, in this article about the role of coaches and new challenges in the modern landscape of prep-athletics.

Louisiana prep coaches face ever-changing world
The News Star
, Feb. 8

Hasinoff new book on sexting broadening discussion

In her forthcoming book Sexting Panic: Rethinking Criminalization, Privacy, and Consent, Amy Hasinoff, Assistant Professor of Communication, delves deeply into the legal and social ramifications of teen sexting. Hasinoff gives tips for parents and adults on her website about how to talk to teens about sexting, and says that using a scare tactic, like telling teens that if they sext, their photos will be distributed, can actually have a negative reaction.

Tips on how to talk to teens about sexting
9 News
, Feb 9

Teen sexting laws: Author ... Read More »

Horton publishes new article on identity loans

Sarah Horton, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, recently published “Identity Loans: The Moral Economy of Migrant Document Exchange in California’s Central Valley” in American Ethnologist. The article investigates the uses of false documents by migrant workers and critiques the concept of “identity theft” by showing that most undocumented immigrant farmworkers engage in “identity loan”—that is, they consensually borrow valid work authorization documents from friends or family with legal status. Horton shows that while “identity loan” provides undocumented workers with the documents they need to obtain employment, their identity donors—who have legal status—disproportionately benefit. Through “identity loan,” undocumented immigrants’ earnings pad their identity donors’ Social Security accounts and increase their ... Read More »


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