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The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences provides opportunities, leadership, and administrative support for faculty and staff to grow in their scholarly and professional work.

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CLAS News from Deans' Notes

CLAS Deans' Notes Spotlight | June 17, 2016

Argys on the Denver Job Market

Colorado overall is still waiting to see a significant uptick in wage growth, and the link between wage growth and a tight labor market may not be as strong at is has been in the past, according to Associate Dean and Economics Professor Laura Argys.

It’s “an employee’s job market” in Colorado right now
The Denverite
, June 24

Bean advocates for increased use of critical-cultural and rhetorical perspectives

Hamilton Bean, Associate Professor in Communication, has published a chapter in the latest edition of New Agendas in Communication, Strategic Communication. This series, published by Routledge, brings together groups of emerging scholars to tackle important interdisciplinary themes that demand new scholarly attention and reach broadly across the communication field’s existing courses. Each volume stakes out a key area, presents original findings, and considers the long-range implications of its “new agenda.” Bean’s chapter, “Strategic Communication and U.S. National Security Affairs: Critical-Cultural and Rhetorical Perspectives,” advocates for the increased use of critical-cultural and rhetorical perspectives within the domain of applied strategic communication research; as well as promotes critical-cultural and rhetorical approaches vis-à-vis the development of U.S. strategic communication.

Beer poem in The New Yorker

The July 4th issue of The New Yorker included Assistant Professor of English Nicky Beer ‘s poem Juveniles (along with an audio track of the piece read by the author).

The New Yorker
, July 4

Fields on the radio

Sarah K. Fields, Associate Professor of Communication, recently published Game Faces: Sport Celebrity and the Laws of Reputation and discusses how sports figures cope with a level of celebrity once reserved for the stars of stage and screen. She’s also a go to speaking on her research in the field of concussions in youth sports.

For Young Colorado Athletes, Concussions Are More Than A Headache
Colorado Public Radio
, June 15

Newcombe V. Coors: How Athletes Won The Right To Their Images
WBUR, June 25, 2016

Guzik on gun control

Keith Guzik, Associate Professor of Sociology discusses the plausibility of regulating guns like cars.

License and registration, please: how regulating guns like cars could improve safety
The Conversation
, June 26

Horton on Identity and Undocumented Workers

Farmworkers frequently are forced into the role of identity thieves in order to get a job, according to a new University of Colorado Denver report. Sarah Horton, Associate Professor of Anthropology, found undocumented or underage farm workers in California were being given stolen, borrowed or forged identity documents by employers in what is termed "identity masking.”

U.S. courts urged not to be too harsh on migrants working as 'ghosts' in farm sector
Thomas Reuters Foundation
, June 28

Illegal ghost workers are lining their bosses’ pockets in a whole new way
, June 30

Read More »

Otanez on marijuana and tobacco

Marty Otañez, Anthropology Associate Professor, has been studying the state’s marijuana industry. He’s met multiple cannabis workers who are on their way to becoming homeless, and it’s left him convinced that it’s time for people in charge of the industry to address the problem.  And earlier this summer, Otañez  co-facilitated a three-day training on tobacco industry documents research in Africa with team members from the organization he co-founded called Tobacco Industry Documents Research in Africa based in the Centre for Tobacco Control in Africa.

Marijuana Legalization: Pot Brings Poor People To Colorado, But What’s Being Done To Help ... Read More »

Reich publishes new book

Calling the Shots: Why Parents Reject Vaccine, by Jennifer A. Reich, Associate Professor of Sociology, was released last month by NYU Press. For or over a decade, Reich has been studying the phenomenon of vaccine refusal from the perspectives of parents who distrust vaccines and the corporations that make them, as well as the health care providers and policy makers who see them as essential to ensuring community health.  Reich reveals how parents who opt out of vaccinations see their decision:  what they fear, what they hope to control, and what they believe is in their child’s best interest.

Robinson on Benghazi and Colorado Senate race

Tony Robinson, Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department, says Benghazi is an issue that will likely be brought up again. “It won’t be the final word on it,” Robinson said. “The Republicans will raise the issue throughout the debate and so will Trump. He will remind voters at every debate that people died under her watch.” Additionally, Robinson comments on local elections, and will remain a popular commentator on elections through the fall…

Clinton in Denver on day of new Benghazi report
, June 28

What you need to know about Colorado’s US Senate race now
, June 28

Shelby travels from Italy to China

Candice L. Shelby, Associate Professor of Philosophy, presented "Memes:  A Doctrine of Hogwash" at the Third Annual International Biocoding Conference in Urbino Italy, on May 25, and then discussed meaning and psychological development with grad students and faculty in Florence, Italy on May 30 and 31.  In addition, Shelby attended graduation ceremonies in China for the ICB program on June 11, and stayed to teach a course there entitled "Ethics and Addiction" from June 6 to July 3.  


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