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The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences provides opportunities, leadership, and administrative support for faculty and staff to grow in their scholarly and professional work.

CLAS supports the mechanisms and processes for research, teaching, working with students and conducting the day-to-day business of managing the college’s academic units.

Use the resources available here to support your scholarly efforts and to network for professional and academic development.


CLAS News from Deans' Notes

CLAS Deans' Notes Spotlight | April 16, 2015

Chon receives ACS award

Nara Chon, MS student in Chemistry, received the Undergraduate Research Poster Award in the Division of Computers in Chemistry at the 249thAmerican Chemical Society National Meeting, held March 23rd, in Denver, for the poster, “Comparisons of Synaptotagmin 1 and Synaptotagmin 7C2A domains in membrane associations by molecular dynamic simulations.”

Greene co-authors on ants in space

Michael J. Greene, Associate Professor in Integrative Biology, was a co-author on a paper in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution that describes results from experiments conducted on his model system, pavement ants, in the International Space Station and in classrooms on Earth. The paper, titled, “Collective search by ants in microgravity” describes how pavement ants search open space differently in microgravity compared to Earth’s gravity. The project was led by Deborah Gordon (Professor of Biology and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University) and was conducted by Bioserve, located at the University of Colorado Boulder.  Ants from the Auraria campus were part of the group of ants sent to the International Space Station.

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Harding publishes new book

Rachel E. Harding, Assistant Professor of Indigenous Spiritual Traditions in the Department of Ethnic Studies, is pleased to announce the publication of Remnants: A Memoir of Spirit, Activism and Mothering (Duke University Press, May 2015).  Remnants is a collaboration between Harding and her late mother, Rosemarie Freeney Harding, a lifelong social justice activist. The book is a literary, multi-genre exploration of the role of spirituality and compassion in African American social justice organizing – drawing from stories of Rosemarie Freeney Harding’s life, from her ancestral traditions of healing, and from her work with companions in the southern freedom movement.   

Hartnett a traveling scholar

Stephen John Hartnett, Professor and Chair of Communication, served as the annual “Traveling Scholar” for the University of Louisiana at Monroe’s Department of Communication on April 20 and 21. Over two days, Hartnett delivered guest lectures in three ULM classes, appeared on the local NPR affiliate (KEDM, 90.3 FM), met with faculty and students, and presented a public talk on “Prison Pedagogies and Social Justice in the Age of Ferguson.”

Musiba enjoys training the next generation of paleoanthropologists

Last week, Charles M. Musiba, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Graduate Program Director, worked with the Denver Museum of Science and Nature (DMNS) by speaking to elementary, middle, and high school students about science (with a focus on paleoanthropology) as a part of their their Scientist In Action program. A total of 400 students from twelve separate schools in eight states (from Alaska to Ohio) participated – ranging in ages from third graders to high school seniors. Musiba’s presentation was broadcast from the DMNS biomechanics and paleoanthropology research lab live via the internet. The students were assigned research tasks in advance, and Musiba discussed with the group the evolution of upright posture and used the 3.6 million years old footprints at Laetoli to help the students understand how foot length and stride length are used to estimate stature. A collaborative event that involved six months of preparations and planning, from ... Read More »

Poats wins 2015-2016 Dillon Scholarship

Lyn Poats, recipient of the Richard T. Dillon Scholarship for the 2015-16 AY, matriculates in the Creative Writing option of the English major. She focuses on fiction as a means to express 'the fundamentally human mandate to tell each other stories.'  This award will alleviate some of the pressure of working in the restaurant industry and of obtaining additional student loans. She hopes to attend an MFA program upon completing her degree at CU Denver in the spring of 2016.

Reed awarded grant for Stockholm sabbatical

Associate Professor Scott Reed, in the Department of Chemistry, was recently awarded a grant from the Wenner Gren Foundation. Titled “The Role of Membrane Nanostructure in Membrane Fusion,” the grant will support his sabbatical at Stockholm University during the 2015-16 academic year. During his sabbatical, Reed will be working in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics with Stockholm University’s Professor Peter Brzezinski. Located in the Svante Arrhenius Building, Reed’s research will focus on measuring temperature dependence.


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