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The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences provides opportunities, leadership, and administrative support for faculty and staff to grow in their scholarly and professional work.

CLAS supports the mechanisms and processes for research, teaching, working with students and conducting the day-to-day business of managing the college’s academic units.

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CLAS News from Deans' Notes

CLAS Deans' Notes Spotlight | August 14, 2014

English names Dillon Scholarship recipient

For academic year 2014-2015, the English department's Richard T. Dillon Scholarship has been awarded to Dina Elfadli. A resident of Colorado for the last twenty-two years, Elfadli grew up in Khartoum, Sudan. As an English major in the Film Studies program, she hopes to translate the stories she heard in childhood to share them with others. She plans to achieve a teaching license in graduate school to better help women in her community understand the importance of English, and most importantly to enjoy it. A non-traditional student with four children, she faced many difficulties in pursuing her education because of family commitments. She counts her best accomplishment as having her children in college, and she accompanies her son every morning to our campus.

Cobb compares Ebola spread to wildfire

Loren Cobb, Associate Research Professor in Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, explained in this report to the local CBS affiliate how the pattern of Ebola virus spreading in human populations mimics that of wildfires, and how ignoring the disease helps it spread. Cobb explained, “When it hits the densely populated zone, it’s completely out of control and goes through the poor suburbs of the city, and then it hits some folks who take airplane travel.”

Ebola Virus Advances In Wildfire-Like Pattern, Researchers Say
, Aug 7

Harding speaking and publishing

At the end of July, Rachel E. Harding, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies, gave a lecture on “Candomble in historical and contemporary perspective” at the Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York.  Earlier this year, Harding’s exploration of the sources and significance of women's agency and mysticism in the work of writer Lucille Clifton, titled "Authority, History and Everyday Mysticism in the Poetry of Lucille Clifton:  A Womanist View," appeared in Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism, volume 12, number 1.

Huber research update

Martin E. Huber, Professor of Physics, has returned from his Fulbright-funded sabbatical in Israel, where he worked with colleagues on superconducting quantum interference devices – or SQUIDs – to measure atomic-scale magnetic vortices. Two papers on this work have been submitted to Nano Letters and Nature Physics. In his other research program, a collaborative work among over a dozen institutions in the search for dark matter, Huber’s NSF proposal for continuing local work was selected from among a very competitive field of applicants. The collaboration's proposal for a new experiment, SuperCDMS SNOLAB, was also approved by the NSF and DOE for construction in the coming years; Huber will conduct work related to the development and construction of this experiment at CU Denver through additional, project-specific funding.

Hunt on disaster preparedness for historical places

Rebecca Hunt, Senior Instructor in History, pointed out to Colorado Springs Gazette in a recent interview that several initiatives exist to help staffs of museums, libraries and archives with disaster planning, evacuation and restoration. She talked about the Center of Preservation Research at CU Denver, which puts together faculty teams from various disciplines to help document historic towns and ranches, and has helped with damaged historic properties affected by recent floods. Says Hunt, "We are entering an age of climate uncertainty and we have to plan ahead."

Keeping documents, artifacts safe when disaster hits
Colorado Springs Gazette
, July 19

Martinez publishes on urban American Indian identity

Donna Martinez, Professor and Chair of Ethnic Studies, published the article "Urban American Indian Identity" in International Journal of Social Science, vol.3 No.4, 2014. Martinez also presented the conference paper "American Indian Students in Higher Education" at Humanities Conference, June 11-13, in Madrid, Spain.

Rees research continues to shed light on marijuana legalization

Research done by Daniel Rees, Economics Professor, on the legalization of marijuana and its effects continues to catch the attention of the press. Rees’ findings that access to legal marijuana leads to a drop in how much alcohol people drink, especially beer, is of particular interest in the craft-beer culture of Denver and Colorado. Further Rees research finds that a rise in marijuana use among American teens over the past 20 years has no significant tie to the legalization of marijuana for medical use.

Legal pot trade not siphoning sales from Colorado brewers, distillers
Denver Post
, July 13

Legalizing pot has not spurred use among U.S. teens: study
, July ... Read More »

Simon summer visiting scholars at UCLA, continues to speak and publish

Assistant Professor Gregory Simon, of the Geography and Environmental Sciences Department, continues to speak and publish on his research exploring the relationship between wildfires, vulnerability and affluence in the US West. Over the past several months he has spoken at Stanford University, Yale University and UCLA (a summer Visiting Scholar position where he continued his research and began preparing his upcoming book). Simon will be giving a lecture at UC Berkeley this Fall, and recently published results from his research in the journals Annals of the Association of American Geographers and Global Environmental Change.

Walsh and Romero Theater Troupe’s new show premieres on Auraria Campus

James Walsh, Senior Instructor in Political Science, led the Romero Theater Troupe in their most recent show, Telling: Denver, which premiered August 1-3, at St Cajatans.  Telling: Denver depicts the stories of the difficult transition back to “regular life” that many veterans experience.  For the show, six former service men and women took to the stage to enact stories from their own backgrounds. The troupe collaborated with the Veteran Artist Program and the Telling Project to bring this show to Denver, and hopes to have more performances in the future, information can be found at

Veterans Share Their Emotions Onstage In ‘Telling: Denver’
, July 31: 

Read More »


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