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Master's Students

Master's Candidate Graduation Process

Please see the Graduate School Website and review all deadlines for the semester in which you plan to graduate. Following these deadlines is your responsibility. Failure to do so will result in your graduation being delayed.

Admission to the Graduate School does not constitute admission to candidacy. Completion of hours of course work does not mean a student is automatically eligible for an advanced degree. Students must have fulfilled appropriate requirements, as established by their major department and the Graduate School.

  • If you have any classes in which you have received an incomplete, this grade must be changed by the date indicated on the master’s deadlines.
  • You must be registered for courses, thesis or project, or as Candidate for Degree during the semester that you take your final examination or defend your thesis/project.
  • Please see the Graduate School Website for thesis guidelines.

All forms and detailed instructions related to graduation are available on the Graduate School Website.

Time Limit Exceptions

The Master’s degree must be completed within 7 years of acceptance to the program of study. If you exceed this time limit, you must fill out and submit a Request for Time Extension form, available on the Graduate School Website.​​