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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Add & Drop Procedures

Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines

There are three different procedures for adding and dropping regular, full-semester courses, each associated with an absolute deadline. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates each term. Be aware, summer deadlines come much quicker than regular semester deadlines.

Early Drop & Add Period (the easy way)

For a limited number of days after the semester starts (typically no more than 7), you can drop and add courses on your own through the UCDAccess Portal. Drops during this period will not be reflected on your academic record, nor your final tuition bill. Drops after this date incur a $100 charge.

Schedule Adjustment Period (requires instructor's signature)

For a limited number of days (typically about a week) past the early drop/add period, you can still change your schedule without penalties (i.e. drops do not appear on your transcript, and you will receive an adjustment to your tuition bill). You need to get the course instructor's signature on a hard-copy of the Schedule Adjustment Form and submit that form directly to the Bursar's Office in the North Classroom Building room 1001. Drops incur a $100 charge per course.

Final Drop/Withdraw Period (requires two signatures)

The final deadline to drop a course or withdraw from all classes without a petition and special approval by the graduate dean typically falls in the 10th week of a regular semester (earlier in summer). During this time frame, you will need your instructor's signature as well as the signature of the graduate dean on the Schedule Adjustment Form. Signed forms are then submitted to the Bursar's Office by no later than 5PM on the deadline for each semester on the Academic Calendar.

After this deadline, all drop/add activity for the semester will need to be petitioned to the graduate dean for approval. After the last day of regular classes for the semester, all drop/adds and withdrawals will be considered retroactive and will require a separate petition. Please contact Jessica Halliday for more information.

Please Note: The UCD Downtown Denver Registrar is the final authority for policies governing all course registration. Please refer to Student Registration Resources for complete details.