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Doctoral Students

Ph.D. Candidate Graduation Process

Please refer to the graduation deadlines. It is important that you adhere to the deadline dates if you desire to graduate in a given semester.

Admission to the Graduate School does not constitute admission to candidacy. Completion of hours of course work does not mean a student is automatically eligible for an advanced degree. Students must have fulfilled appropriate requirements, as established by their major department and the Graduate School.

You must be registered for at least one credit of dissertation during the semester in which you defend. A student who wishes to schedule a defense between semesters must register for the following semester.

Please visit the Graduate School Website to obtain instructions, deadlines and forms needed for graduation.


A Ph.D. degree should be completed within 8 years of acceptance into your program of study. If you exceed this limit, you must submit a Request for Extension of Time Limit to your Ph.D. program director. Individual graduate programs may have time limits that are more stringent. You may petition for a leave of absence from the program by submitting a Request for Leave of Absence form to your Ph.D. program director. ​​Please visit the Graduate School Website to obtain the Request for Time Extension and the Leave of Absence forms.​​​