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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Graduate Student Advising

Each CLAS graduate program handles admissions to its master's or doctoral programs and defines its own admission standards and procedures, based upon the general UCD Graduate School guidelines. Students are admitted as regular or provisional students (who can later be moved to regular status upon satisfactory performance in classes). International students must meet all requirements for regular admission as well as the requirements of the UC Denver Office of International Affairs.

Advising for CLAS graduate students is done primarily by faculty in students' respective departments. Each graduate program has a faculty coordinator who should be consulted about program requirements. This may be the same person as a student's faculty advisor. While students are strongly encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor every semester, they must meet with their faculty advisor and/or faculty coordinator at the beginning of their last semester to verify that all degree requirements have been met and to have their candidacy form approved and signed.

Final certification of graduation for CLAS graduate students is done in the Graduate School by the CLAS graduate coordinator. As graduate students approach completion of their degree, a host of forms and processes must be cleared and approved at the college level. The graduate coordinator works together with faculty advisors to make sure that students have met all requirements for graduation and have all forms submitted.