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Academic Advising

Student Success Tool Kit

I. UC Denver-Campus Resource List 

II.  Academic Calendar

III. Campus Resources-Current Information, Workshops, and Events

  1. Auraria Bookstore
  2. Auraria Campus Police
  3. Bursar's Office
  4. Career Center
  5. Computing Labs
  6. Counseling Center
  7. CU Online
  8. Disability Resources and Services
  9. Experiential Learning Center
  10. Financial Aid (Office of)
  11. Health Careers Advising Program
  12. Health Center at Auraria
  13. Learning Resource Center
  14. Library Schedule
  15. Light Rail and Bus Information (The Auraria Student RTD Bus Pass provides for unlimited RTD bus and lightrail service including Express or Regional Service with no additional fare payment. The fee also provides a $3.75 discount on all SkyRide routes. It is not valid for special services such as but not limited to the BroncosRide, RockiesRide, Access-A-Ride and Guaranteed Ride Home programs.)
  16. Math Education Resource Center  (MERC LAB)
  17. Ombuds Office
  18. Parking and Transportation
  19. Scholarship Resource Office
  20. Psychological Services Center
  21. Student Life  (Office of)
  22. Study Abroad
  23. Tuition Appeals Process
  24. Veterans Student Services
  25. The Writing Center

IV. College Major and Career Decision Making Tools

  1. Article-Choosing a College Major: How to Chart Your Ideal Path-Randell S. Hansen
  2. Myths and Facts about College Majors and Careers(from the PCC website)
  3. Internet Decision Making (Academic, Major and Career Interests)
    1. University of Colorado Denver Career Center
    2. Arizona State University Career Services
    3. University of North Carolina Wilmington - The Career Center - What Can I Do With a Major In
    4. Occupational Outlook Handbook
    5. Career Guide to Industries
    6. Employment and Labor Force Projections
    7. Penn State-Major Decisions
    8. Berkley-University of California - Major, Career and Graduate School Planning
    9. Job Search Tools
      1.  CareerBuilder
      2.  Monster
      3.  Virtual Job Fair
    10. Personality Assessment Tools On-Line

V. Time Management and Organization

  1. Introduction to Time Management (from the Muskingum website)
  2. Time management for Right-Brained People - Becoming a Master Student - Dave Ellis
  3. Color Coding and Homework Organizers (from the Muskingum website)l
  4. Strategies for Scheduling - Becoming a Master Student - Dave Ellis
  5. Remembering Appointments and How To be On Time (from the Muskingum website)
  6. The Seven-Day Antiprocrastination Plan - Becoming a Master Student - Dave Ellis
  7. Managing Stress (from the University Of Texas at Austin website)

VI. Reading And Comprehension Strategies

  1. Improving Reading Comprehension  (from the Success at Seneca website)
  2. How Muscle Reading Works - Becoming a Master Student - Dave Ellis
  3. Reading Speed  (tips for increasing reading speed(from the Success at Seneca website)

VII. Note Taking Skills

  1. Learning Styles and Strategies - Richard Felder and Barbara Soloman
  2. Listening Skills (from the Texas A&M Student Counseling Service website)
  3. OBSERVE - The note-taking process flows - Becoming a Master Student - Dave Ellis
  4. Note Taking Skills and Strategies (From the website)
  5. Taking notes while reading - Becoming a Master Student - Dave Ellis

VIII. Study Strategies

  1. Study Strategies- CONCENTRATION- (from the Success at Seneca website)
  2. Study Skills Help & Study Tips (From the website)
  3. Cooperative Learning-Studying with People - Becoming a Master Student - Dave Ellis
  4. 20 Memory Techniques - Becoming a Master Student - Dave Ellis
  5. Cramming Techniques for Exams- (from the website)

IX. Test Taking Skills/Tips

  1. Test Preparation Tips (From the website)
  2. Let Go of Test Anxiety - Becoming a Master Student - Dave Ellis
  3. Reducing Test Taking Anxiety (From the website)
  4. Integrity in Test Taking - The costs of cheating- Becoming a Master Student - Dave Ellis
  5. What to Do During the Test - Becoming a Master Student - Dave Ellis
  6. Test Taking Tips (from the website)
    1. Multiple Choice Test Taking Tips
    2. Essay Test Tips
    3. True-False Test Tips-Help
    4. Oral Test Tips
    5. Short Answer Test Tips
    6. Math Test Taking Tips
    7. Open Book Test Taking tips
  7. The Test Isn't Over Till - Becoming a Master Student - Dave Ellis
  8. Post Test Tips- (from the website)