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CLAS Dean's List Criteria - Effective Fall 2010

UC Denver will use a fixed criterion across all colleges for determining eligibility for the Dean’s List.   This policy applies to undergraduate students.

For fall and spring semesters, students must successfully complete 9 hours in the semester upon which to determine grade point. These courses can be both within and outside of the college. Pooled courses will not be included in the calculation nor will they count towards the 9 hours required for consideration. The GPA set for inclusion in the Dean’s List is 3.75.

In the summer semesters, students must complete 6 hours as a basis for inclusion in the Dean’s List. Course inclusion will be the same as in fall and spring semesters. The GPA for Dean’s List in summer will also be 3.75

Colleges will collect data each semester on the number of students making the Dean’s List and report the number and percentage of total students in the college.

Scholarships tied to Dean’s Lists in individual colleges have additional requirements. CLAS Dean's List Scholarship criteria can be found below.

The Registrar’s Office will calculate the semester GPAs for all students two weeks prior to the due date for semester grades. Those GPAs will be the basis for determining the Dean’s List. Incompletes will not be considered in the calculation of minimum number of hours. The Dean’s List will not be recalculated to include completed incompletes.



Dean’s List Scholarship Criteria

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) awards scholarship funds to students to recognize outstanding achievement.  These scholarship funds are provided to CLAS by the State Colorado and administered through the UC Denver Office of Financial Aid.  Students receiving financial aid who are awarded a Dean’s List Scholarship may have their financial aid package adjusted.  

To be eligible, students must:

  1. be currently enrolled as a CLAS undergraduate
  2. intend to graduate with a baccalaureate degree in CLAS

·         Undeclared liberal arts students must declare a major

·         Pre-Health Career (Pre-Dental, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Pharmacy, etc) must declare a major

·         Pre-Education students must declare a major.

·         Pre-Business & Pre-Engineering are not eligible

  1. be completing requirements towards their first baccalaureate degree
  2. have been named to the Fall and Spring semesters CLAS Dean’s List for the academic year immediately preceding the CLAS Dean’s List Scholarship award
  1. have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in their University of Colorado course work
  2. meet the state benefits eligibility requirements under HB 1023 (for more information on Colorado House Bill 1023 see the Registrar’s web page ).
  3. Recipients must meet the requirements of the UCD Financial Aid Academic Standards Policy.
  4. Recipient may not be in default on a student loan nor owe a repayment of aid grant.  


The scholarships are based solely on academic performance.   The philosophy of the College is that all eligible students will receive Dean’s List Scholarship funds.  Students who make the CLAS Dean’s List for both semesters of the previous academic year are automatically notified of their potential eligibility during the summer term.  Students must apply and meet all eligibility requirements to be awarded the CLAS Dean’s List scholarship.

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