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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

CLAS Advising

Instructor Permission Required to Add any Class after January 27th

After Jan. 27, adding a class requires instructor permission. To request permission, students should fill out this form (click the button at left) and present it to the instructor of the course in which they wish to enroll, either in person or via official University email.

For detailed information on the permission process, see the instructions located here.

Important Dates and Deadlines for Spring 2015

Sun. Jan 25 - Last day to waitlist a course using UCDAccess.
Mon. Jan 26 - No adding of classes permitted on this day.
- Last day to drop a class without a $100 drop charge.
- All waitlists eliminated.
Tue. Jan 27 - Adding a class now requires instructor approval. For CLAS courses, students must use the CLAS Instructor Permission To Enroll in a Course Form (see above).
Wed. Feb. 4th - Census day:
- last day to add full term courses.
- last day to drop full term classes with a financial adjustment.
- last day to request no credit or pass/fail as the grade for a class.
- last day to apply for spring graduation.
Thu. Feb. 5th - Beginning on this day:
- dropped courses require instructor approval and will appear on your transcript as a W.
- complete withdrawals require a signature from CLAS advising.
- no tuition adjustment will be made (full tuition amount charged, no refund). 

Registration for CLAS Courses with Required Prerequisites

The registration system enforces any required prerequisites for a course by first performing an automatic check, before it will allow students to enroll in that course. The system does not always correctly recognize prerequisites fulfilled with transfer credit, however.

If the registration system does not allow you to enroll in a CLAS course due to a prerequisite error, but you believe that you have completed the required prerequisites, you will need to contact the specific academic department which offers the course. Click the button at left for a CLAS departmental contact sheet.

For Biology classes, please follow the specific process listed here to contact the department: